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Core i5 2400 or 2500k for 50k?


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Hey everybody!

So i was going to assemble a budget-gaming pc for playing games like Skyrim,Crysis etc.Here was my original config.

Benq 21.5 inch LED - G2222HDL Monitor -Rs. 7855
Zebronics JUDWAA-5 USB 2.0-Rs. 438
Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM -Rs. 1480
Cooler Master Elite 430 Black Mid Tower Cabinet-Rs. 3210
Seasonic S12II-520 PSU-Rs. 4054
WD Caviar Blue 250 GB HDD Internal Hard Drive-Rs. 3753
Intel Core i5-2400 Processor-Rs. 11200
Intel DH67CL Motherboard-Rs. 5665
Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6870 1 GB GDDR5-Rs. 12243

TOTAL :Rs. 49898 on Flipkart (I know,overpriced)

Until right now i was absolutely sure of this config,but now i'm thinking about getting a overclockable Intel Core i5 2500k with a chipset which supports overclocking. Is it worth the extra money?,What kind of performance difference would i get with the i5 2500k?

Could you Recommend a Very Cheap i5 2500k + overclockable motherboard.I don't really care about SLI/CROSSFIRE or any other features.:wink:

I'm confused with chipsets and processors. Man,all this researching is tiring...



Sage of the Six Paths
you can't get CHEAP P67/Z68/Z77 boards.. In India everything is over-expensive. i5 2400 should be enough for any game, if you can get 2500 (non-K) within an extra 1k amount, then grab it. over 1k i5 2500 is not worth it.


i5-2500k will cost u 12.4k
and a overclockable mobo will cost u minmum :-
Biostar Biostar TZ68K+ - 7.3k or ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 -8.4k


BMG ftw!!
For 50K budget you have to go with 2400 +H67 conbo unless you want to sacrifice good GPU.


SoLa BeLLaToR...
^^2400 is a great gaming chip for sure, but thinking 4-5 years down the lane, it's always better to have a CPU with OC'ing potential.

So My vote goes to i5-2500k.

Do look into sites like SMC International, The IT Wares etc. You'll get better prices there. And Hell no to a 6870 at that price.


SoLa BeLLaToR...
^^I have no idea about that. But I personally have used my previous RiG for more than 6 years (still running) and planning to use the current one till it won't be able to play games at even the lowest possible settings/resolution. Everyone (atleast me) is not that rich to go for an upgrade every six months or a new RiG every year buddy;)


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I have a 2400 and I don't feel my CPU holding my GPU back in any game I've played. If you don't mind overclocking, then definitely go for the 2500K. But if not, the 2400 is perfectly fine for almost any game out there.

Read this article that Tom's did back in January. Not much has changed since then. A majority of games/software still don't make use of quad cores effectively, so you are well covered for two more years at least.

CPU comparison on low end
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