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  1. S

    memory card for xoloq1000

    hi i just purchased xoloq1000 mobile i am confused while choosing optimum micro sd card for it hich class should i buy and how much GB PLEASE suggest optimum SD card
  2. R

    Optimum Display size for Smart phones

    Hi, I am planning to buy an Android smart phone. What is the optimum screen size for comfortable browsing and text tying (avoid pressing the wrong characters). 3.5inch is enough? Thanks.
  3. lordirecto

    Optimum graphic card at 10,000 Rupees

    I would like to know more information about graphic cards priced at 10k. Seeing some online seller sites, I noticed that GTX 460 is around 10k mark. I would like to know which manufacturer is the best in this category. The budget can be extended to a maximum of 11k. I am asking this for a...
  4. T

    Graphics Card Query

    M back after a long time BTW I use Intel DG35EC Motherboard with Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 1 Gb DDR2 RAM It has 1 PCIe x16 slot Can anyone tell me which good graphics card is best suited for it Looking into nVidia / Ati No budget limit can spend anywhere around from 5000 to...
  5. C

    SE198WFP optimum settings

    Bought a new comp.Need optimum settings for my Dell coz its looking a bit blurry and enlarged. My config E8400 Transcend 2GB RAM Ati HD4850 Dell SE198WFP Abit IP35-E WD 640GB Zebronics Antibiotics + Powersafe 500W Logitech Spill Resistant Keyboard Microsoft Comfort 1000 Mouse
  6. R

    best P2P software

    hi friends... can I have the name of the best P2P software around these days which would consume the least resources give the optimum search results.. (not limewire/frostwire) Thnx in advance...
  7. fakkadbaba

    Freeware for children

    Starting this thread, so that we can have links at a common platform, where we can find educational freeware for children aged upto 6 years. These should be education based and attend to requirements of language, alphabets, numbers, colours, logic, painting etc. I feel these will be extremely...
  8. J

    Gaming Hardware demystified

    Guyz, for all gaming amateurs why dont y'all explain all the hardware dat goes into it and how they work and what are the best hardware that gives an optimum gaming experience P.s. i am a gaming amateur too heh :o
  9. aneesh kalra

    Agp aperture

    Can somebody please tell me what should be the ideal agp aperture setting for an intel 865 gbf mobo with nvidia 6200 256 mb card and 512 mb ram@333mhz installed.Considring an optimum balance between playing games and perfomance please suggest this.At present it is configured at 16mb by...
  10. R

    Ram Babu Not Giving optimum performance !!!!

    I have Amd 2800 + 64 bit processor 120 gb hdd 1 gb ram Neo Kv8m motherboard My problem is my sys is not giving optimum performance acc to ram its taking 5 mins to load Windos wich i recently installed .Takes sometime for each appl to load ........ Donno whts the prob maybe my c drive...
  11. Ankit Agrawal

    page file

    hi friends pleaze give me information regarding the page file.How it effects on the hardisk size and what must be the optimum size kept to work my PC well
  12. tuxfan

    How often should Windows be re-installed?

    Its obvious that after some time every Windows system becomes so heavy that it requires some re-installtion for optimum performance. How often should this be done for Win98 or WinXP?
  13. A

    Virtual memory setting

    Is there anyway i can check out the size of virtual memort currenty in use. Is there any software to check the same. Also what should be the optimum size of the virtual memory that should be set. ALIVE HUNTER
  14. I


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