1. avinandan012

    USB 3.1 specs revealed

    USB 3.1 brings 10Gbps speed , unfortunately existing USB 3.0 ports wont be able to operate at this new speed. Read here.
  2. digit.sh

    Need a convenient-to-use and reliable media player for my Mom.

    Hello friends, I need a cheap yet good quality media player for my Mom. She is not very tech savvy(but can operate a cellphone and TV remote). She has a collection of music CDs. As she can't operate a PC, I am looking for something like WD/Asus/Amkette HD media player. But they...
  3. A

    Wireless keyboard OR Mouse!!!

    I want to buy a wireless Keyboard/Mouse . My budget is around Rs.500..I am connecting my pc to lcd tv via hdmi cable..My pc is in room and my tv is in hall(around 10m distance)..I just want to operate keyboard/Mouse from the hall..Only to operate basic stuff like to play video or games..Please...
  4. Gaurav

    wet hands on touchscreen - [disadvantages of a toucscreeen phone]

    I am planning to purchase a QWERTY + touchscreen phone. But one thing I feel that I should look into for before purchasing is that Are touchscreen phones delicate? What happens if I operate my touchscreen phone with little wet hands or have to operate in a little rainy area or drop it...
  5. R

    eco friendly mobile

    Hi all, I have heard that Samsung latest mobile phone is eco friendly. It will operate entirely on solar power. Is it true?
  6. D

    How 2 operate home appliance using PC...

    Hiii all... I wanna ask u dat hw can I operate home appliance using my PC???? rply... thnx -Ruchit
  7. A

    Need Help with unknown no.

    Can anyone tell me with which service provider is this no resistered: +9193712xxxxx If this is an operator which does not operate pan-India also tell which city does this no belong to.
  8. Voldy

    Simtrix:Swiftpoint mice

    "Sure, we've seen input peripherals stretch the core meaning of the word "mouse," but few have done it better than Simtrix. First up in the Swiftpoint series is the TriPed (on left), which was designed to be held much like a pen if needed and is aimed primarily at tablet PC / tabletop computer...
  9. saurabhpatel

    LG KE970 Shine. Born to shine?

    Where does the music quality of LG Shine stand compared to sony Ericsson's LG Kg300? Heard that the scroll wheel is a bit hard to operate. Last question : Will its Java Engine be able to handle KD Player. Kg 300's java engine had problems with it.
  10. rakeshishere

    TweakUAC 1.0

    TweakUAC is a freeware software utility that can be used to quickly turn UAC (User Account Control of Microsoft Windows Vista) on or off, or to make UAC operate in the quiet mode. Turn UAC off This option turns UAC off completely. If this is what you want, select this option, press OK, restart...
  11. champ_rock

    Windows 2003 server?

    hi i was planning to install windows 2003 server instead of the windows xp just because got bored with XP and did not have the horsepower to run vista ;p please tell me the following: 1. what is the speed of windows 2003 compared with XP 2. what is the graphical interface like 3. which...
  12. Ishan

    mouse not working with ubuntu 6.06

    I am running it from a live CD..and not able to operate mouse..its not moving...
  13. bizzare_blue

    Bluetooth, remote and a PC

    Is it possible to operate (switch-on, particularly) a PC using a remote like we operate a TV that too not using a Media Center PC.... Also I wanted to know if this kind of a remote can use bluetooth technology?
  14. I


    There is any free software from which we can download whole site & we can operate full site offline. :D :evil: :twisted:
  15. V

    Cordless mouse and keyboard.

    Are there any cordless mouse and keyboard that donot need batteries to operate?
  16. B


    digit's given microsoft virtual pc this time...wat's its real purpose and how do we operate it??
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