1. bssunilreddy

    Why a BSOD occurs?

    Hai, I bought my PC in May,2013 but there has been no BSOD until this morning.Why did my PC show BSOD? What are the causes of a BSOD?I usually install the latest drivers.Please see my config in my Siggy.When the next BSOD occurs I shall take screenshot and post it here.
  2. amjath

    Windows 8 crashed twice - help

    Windows 8 crashed twice today, one @ 21.04 and other @ 23.28. Please help me with my dump files. [attached] I ran "chkdsk" found no issues Dump 1: @ 21.04 *mega.co.nz/#!e0xUmSyA!U-7ia07izHryuvcFHj4N9gcvLq87HH7eqx_7LjR_czA Dump 2:@ 23.28...
  3. .=Pyro=.

    Problems with wireless ad-hoc networks

    Hey guys, So I am having a problem. Me and some friends play games on LAN by creating and joining wireless ad-hoc networks. All was fine a few days ago, but now i am having some problems with connectivity. I get disconnected from other players after a while. We play Age of Empires 2...
  4. Tenida

    Need help about vsync!!

    When playing game like Blur, NFS Hot pursuit and Battlefield Bad Company 2. I find the frame-rates were more smooth when played with vsync on, but at the moment, I turn off the vsync screen tearing occurs. Is this normal?? Configuration in my siggy. Btw. I have a 60Hz monitor
  5. nisargshah95

    Search disabled on XP

    [SOLVED] Search disabled on XP Hi guys, I have Windows XP SP3. Whenever I go for search, the following situation occurs - How do I enable search?
  6. M

    Laptop Keyboard misbehaving

    My Intel Celeron laptop (Zenith), purchased 5 years ago is facing the following problem: When typing from the laptop keyboard, after some time letters spontaneously appear. For example, if i press “A”, i get on the screen “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”. The OS of the laptop is Win...
  7. G

    Inscript Layout

    Guys, I was starting to learn the Inscript Layout for Devanagari typing. So, I added the Inscript Layout in my Fedora 12 and Windows 7 machine. Unfortunately, they are both different in the upper numeric row. And after some research I found that there are also differences in the version...
  8. S

    Every time os crash

    i brought new PC at last Friday My System Configuration: 3.2GHz AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Processor MSI 785GMT-E51 Motherboard Corsair DDR3 2GB RAM (1333MHz) Moser Baer DVD-RW 22X HDD WD-SATA (16MB cache) 500GB Xtech cabinet 22INCH LG ups at Rs 32000/- From Grand Road SYSTEM FAILURE...
  9. ayushman9

    Is this a Hardware or Software problem ?

    I am facing a problem which i am not able to distinguish whether it will come under hardware or software or both.I am using vista ultimate 32 bit A few days ago i had posted my problem in Hardware forum in which Graphic corruption {{ In the form of random graphics/dis colorization/red...
  10. S

    helP!!!!! me wit my un-predictable MB

    my comp was loyal 2 me until a few months from now................. now it starts well some times n doesn't some times<like most of the times> the processor fan runs n the power led glows but there is nothing happening in my comp. no post, boot and no beeps also. i can feel the south...
  11. boomstation2

    OS Prob with ASUS M3A78-EM, AMD X2 6000+ & 2x2Gb DDR2 RAM

    Hello Friends, I have recently bought Asus M3A78-EM and Amd Athlon x2 6000+ with 2x2Gb Kingston 800Mhz DDR2. & W.D 320Gb Sata hdd. As it is suggested that 32-bit Windows will show only 3 Gb RAM (..given in Mobo Manual), I tried to install 64-bit Windows Vista. But i am facing the problem of...
  12. iinfi

    wd2003: Word Cannot Complete The Save Due To A File Permission Error

    for the past 3-4 weeks i v been facing this problem with word documents. this issue occurs off n on n occurs on any drive of my PC with both old n new word docs and @ the end of it i lose the document. all the files i m accessing are in the same PC and not on any network/USB drives. i v...
  13. S

    Icons looking bad in windows XP SP3

    hai friends I am using XP SP3 .yesterday when i restart my computer the icons become blur and also my graphics get changed.Then i reinstall XP its become fine then after some hrs the same problem occurs again.Then i clean my CPU again its become ok.but today morning the same problem occurs...
  14. smile

    Internet Help?

    Hi.............Everyone :) I have youtelecom broadband connection . The problem is whenever i click browser and enter any address it will not come up unless i refresh two to three after that it comes up:mad: but in my laptop this connection works fine :).. This problem occurs both in IE and...
  15. DigitDonz

    What does Refresh do..?

    :confused:Not to mention the refresh button in the browsers ( all know what it does....) But what is the use of Refresh that occurs when u right click on the desktop, I mean what does it dooooo?
  16. P

    Max payne 1 on xp

    Max payne 1 has problem running on xp. It installs correctly but I cannot play the 1st level, an error occurs during the load screen. Max payne 2 ran smoothly on the same computer. solution anyone?
  17. sravan

    Group policy editor not opening

    Whenever I try to open group policy editor by typing "gpedit.msc" the follwing error occurs error shown in pic plz help me
  18. ComputerUser

    IE crashes

    Whenever I visit a site, IE closes suddenly without any warning. It does happen with a particular site and occurs randomly.
  19. D

    Generic Host Process For Win32 Services

    this error occurs only when i run net for 10-15 minutes .......or download something..... i mean it occurs only when net is running moreover after this error i cannot use internet even my system tray shows net connection plus it chaanges themes from windows xp to classic and back...
  20. Y

    Memmory error..pls help..

    When I open programs like nuendo it shows error message like the following.. "The instruction at"0*7c9101b2" referenced memmory at0*054c001c".The memmory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program It only occurs to this application.I tried uninstalling and...
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