1. R

    Brand New Laptop Keys falling out ! HELP

    Hello there, Need your expertise big time. I live in UAE. I bought a new Lenovo G580 Laptop and after using for a day the ESC key has come out. I could fix it back but it broke again.Now its fixed again. Is this a easy to detach keyboard or something is defective ? Its been just 48HRS since I...
  2. tkin

    Govt orders blocking of IIPM-related URLs; [2014 Update] IIPM not entitled to give BBA, MBA degrees

    So, anyone thinking of The Matarese Circle? Notice: * Source: Govt orders blocking of IIPM-related URLs - Livemint How the hell did these guys get this much power, to control DOT? Even politicians can't do that without a backlash, lets see if the...
  3. X

    2gb vs 1 gb graphics ,where to notice the difference

    hello guys please telll where can one notice the difference btw 1gb and 2gb graphic card of same model.... whther it is in games or playing FHD or Blue-ray movies or in future we can notice the difference or in any other thing????
  4. webgenius

    Company asking employee to stay beyond notice period

    Hi guys, My friend is in deep trouble. Has has resigned from his job from an IT company, and the notice period in his company is 2 months. He is ready to serve the notice period of 2 months. But recently his manager and HR told him that they can make him stay beyond the notice period also...
  5. ankit.kumar010203

    Why My Every Thread In This Forum Closes Without My Permission?

    I am New To This Forum......:oops: I Want To Know That From Where I Can Reactive my thread....??:-?:-?I Always Get Only 2-3 Answers In My Thread.....And Then The Thread Automatically Closed....!! I Notice Other's Thread Have 20+ Answers...!!!How Can I Reopen My Thread???:-(:-(...
  6. avichandana20000

    APC BACK UPS ES 650Va no beep

    My UPS is giving perfect backup but there is no beep sound which is default during battery backup.(four beeps per interval) this i have come to notice 2 days ago. what could be the problem?
  7. sandeepkochhar

    Airtel sent Legal Notice

    Hi fellas!! One of my friend got a legal notice from Airtel Postpaid mobile. He was not paying the bills due to non receipt of monthly bills. Now he wants to settle score with Airtel. Should he bargain the amount of bill as they have included late fees charges and similar other levies on the...
  8. krates

    Thank u admins :)

    Finally admins fixed many bugs added a captcha check for thread creation. Who is online list is now available too. will add more improvements in the list which i will notice :D where is the quick reply though ? viola !!!
  9. T

    How to move a PC across cities?

    Hi, I may be shifting cities (Bangalore, Gurgaon OR Pune) soon. How can I move my PC? I will have to go at a very short notice and will NOT be able to carry it with me. Your suggestions are appreciated. Regards, TL
  10. Kniwor

    All VCC related trades

    It's been seen that a lot of people are selling VCC, suppressing all other forms of trade and some members also doing business, which is not acceptable, however, we don't want to completely do away with VCC trading because that would contrast to the whole motive of the section. So here's the...
  11. mayhbp

    well my post count dosent increase????

    guys my post count is stuck at 14 for a long time it sould be around 60 or 70 but it's stuck i guess. i didnt notice it at first but now i am sure its not working.Any ideas? thnks
  12. hrushij


    Hey friends I need your tricks urgently. In Old sony ericssion phone BSNL SIM works fine. BUT new gifted from london one wont do it.. It always sends a message when switched ON and after that message sending fail notice comes. And I can receive message on it BUT can't Send/Receive Calls...
  13. romeo_8693

    digit forum url bug...

    Hey mods/admins this is just to bring to ur notice that if one types WWW.THINKDIGIT.COM/FORUM(i.e. in caps) its says 404 site not found.
  14. Vivek788


    Recently whenever I open any partition ,the explorer comes up with an error,tat has that send,do not send thingy.And this may occur for 2-3 consecutive tries.Also a dr.watson gives error of same dialogue. Also i notice something called wowexec.exe at top of process list. I never had this...
  15. anispace

    new episodes of DBZ on CN !!

    has any1 seen the new hindi dubbed dbz on CN. Its pathetic. those idiots on CN made Freeza "d greatest villain on DBZ after Majin Buu" into a also did u guys notice the background music score.Its from the original Japanese dub. strange?? good thing that i have d downloaded...
  16. dreams

    Vista creators fault !!!!!!

    Hi Guys, I hv been workin in many client's computer which is runnin Vista. When I delete a bulk of files from desktop or from explorer the progress bar shows 1000+ files of size 339MB getting deleted.(Didn't notice the exact figures) This has happened in 2 occasions. Can any1 try...
  17. estranged12

    harry potter

    * does anyone notice what i did ;)
  18. hdsk.23

    Anybody to sell 1.8 to 2.6Ghz processor

    Hi guys!!!! I am having Mercury 845Ndmx motherboard. I want a processor from 1.8Ghz to 2.6Ghz. If anybody want to sell plz tell me. Plz notice that it should be compatible with older P4 motherboards.
  19. M

    ziz zag shadow in nfsmw

    hi, my pc congif. is p4 3.0 ghz with ht support,nvidia xfx6600gt 256mb,512mbddr2 ram,915gev mobo, i have all the latest drivers of card n mobo.i notice ziz zag shadow in need for speed mos wanted even at the highest settings. here look at the link
  20. M

    How does google do it...

    hey guys...i am sure all of ya'll must have seen the new personalized home for google... I was wondering how can i make such kind of framing for my project this year... i guess u must have got wht i am talkin bout...the frame tht pulls out from the left hand side when we click on add...
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