1. hahahari

    5 Month old N81-3 | Superb condition

    Hi, I have a 5 month old Nokia N81-3(blue) alongwith 2GB card which I want to sell. With bill and warranty. With all accessories and box and the ngage code. I havent even activated the ngage code they had given. Condition: Very good. There are a few scratches nothing serious. The...
  2. N

    Want a mobile < 3000

    Hi guys i want an second hand mobile which cost not more than Rs. 3000... If you have any, please let me know... BTW, I dont want ngage r ngage QD :) Regards,.
  3. Dr.tweaker

    where to get ngage qd,any condition

    hi friends,i am really keen to get a n gage qd for me,i know that it is very much outdated but still i want to collect it as i love its design very much and loved its games tooooooooooo. can u indicate at what price(probably used as getting a new one is difficult) at kolkata.I really miss the n...
  4. N


    Hey From Where I Can Download Full Version Of Ngage Games..please Suggest Me Some Websites.
  5. idiotdog

    Price slashed for nokia ngage classic

    People plz let me know if anyone is intrested in buying nokia ngage classic bundled with usb cable, disc, a game card (sims) and a memory card 512 mb Price being Rs:5500 phone is in good condition. Preferred buyer from bombay ============= Reason to sell -> Want to buy new N73...
  6. idiotdog

    For sale nokia ngage classic

    Hello guys nokia ngage classis is on sale for 6000 rs included with usb cable, disc, and original headphones. i dont mind giving a game card with it (sims bustin out) Let me know guys i am in need of it :eek:
  7. N


    Currently I Am Using Ngage-classic And I Have Original Ngage Headphones.though It Gives Good Sound Clarity I Like To Know Is There Any Other Company Headphone I Can Use For Ngage And It Should Give Good Sound Sony And Panasonic Headphones Compatible With Ngage And Does It Give Good...
  8. C

    Does Ngage support multichannel gprs?

    I want to know what is Multichannel gprs is and does Ngage support it? bcoz i want to use the free bsnl gprs trick which is only supported by multichannel gprs phones. Thanks.
  9. S


    I heard that overclocking of ngage qd is possible ,i want to know how cos i own one
  10. S

    mobile phone flashing

    I have a ngage qd, recently i checked its version its o4.1 or something like this can someone tell me what is the LATEST version of software for ngage qd how can i get it ?? can i flash my phone myself??if yes then how to do it?? or if i have to get it done by nokia care then how much...
  11. S

    Ngage qd locked

    Hey dudes, i locked my ngage qd phone and forgot the password what to do now?? please help... also please tellme how to reset and format the phone like a professional.. Please please reply......
  12. Aniruddh

    Ngage QD

    hii frnz,i m going for Ngage so many people suggest this fone..basically i m goin 2 use it for listen music,games,and few i m thinkin of going for 512MB memory card..but i m in a dilemma that if i put 512mb card then it mite not work i hav seen that in
  13. liquidsnake

    help me to get a good mobile for a 915 mobo

    i need to buy a mobile that would let me surf the net my old c100 hangs when trying to connect to the net i wanna buy a ngage i wanna know would it be ok or the sys will hang again
  14. montsa007

    ngage qd games discussion only

    feel free to discuss about ngage qd games also saved games attached here request completed games
  15. C

    is it worth buying N-Gage qd now?

    Basically i want to play games in mobile, so since ngage is a symbian(serial 60) mobile....i want to know the life of ngage qd. can i play the games made for N70 and N90 mobiles in ngage qd?
  16. J


    I have Ngage Qd Brand mobile. after installing laud wave application on my ngage, my ngage give alarm in every 5 minutes help me. procedure of installing wav loud: 1. the installer have 27 wav files and have 2 txt files names tclock.txt 2. copy that all to on mobile using fxplorer...
  17. prankie

    N-gage game fixes for N6600????

    Are there any fixes for nokia6600 to play ngage games properly.. i have many ngage games, most of them work fine but few games like x-men legend, asphalt urban GT, sonic n.... are not working properly, i mean they are running but graphics is not coming out well. please help!!
  18. A

    best anti-virus for ngage

    which is the best anti-virus for ngage?
  19. R

    Ngage Browser

    Hi, I need to neinstall the browser of my ngage again.. can anyone help me out how to do it..i have bluetooth adapter on my PC and all softwares installed to connect my phone on my laptop... Thanks Robs
  20. esumitkumar

    When NGage QDi will be out?

    Nokia set to launch Ngage QDi as rumours say............ It will feature camera and mp3 player Any news when it is getting released?? TIA Sumit
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