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  1. ajayritik

    Need a 32 GB SD Card for Lumia Phone

    My friend wants to buy a 32 GB SD Card for his Lumia phone. Wondering which one to go for. Was almost finalizing this one but saw a negative review and thinking otherwise. Amazon.in: Buy Samsung Evo+ 32GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card Upto 80 Mbps speed (With adapter) Online at Low Prices in...
  2. ashis_lakra

    Negative Experience Primeabgb sucks big time nowadays

    Hi Guys, My last 2 purchases done previous month was terrible and heartbreaking event which has inclined me not to buy online from them ever in future. The first product i purchased was Samsung EVO 250GB SSD on June 20th ( It was written "In stock" on website ). Like my previous dealings ( 2...
  3. I

    Negative Experience Shopclues.com

    Negative Experience DOes anyone else use this site? if yes then tell me your views on it.. For me its just ok site, because it has nice deals espcially Sunday Flea Market but some products are genuine and are worth their money others are either bad or just ok conditions. Plus the shipping...
  4. D

    Help Help Help Urgent

    hi i am planning to buy an Xperia U from homeshop18... hows the service of homeshop18...is it trustworthy???...i am asking because i saw lot of negative reviews in mouthshut and even on their facebook home page...??
  5. K

    Going for lenovo ideapad....HELP NEEDED!!

    Hi guys..I am planning to buy Lenovo Ideapad Z570 (59-315960). It has the following specs: Intel 2nd gen i5 processor 4GB DDR3 Ram 2GB Nvidia GT 540M graphics card 760p, 2mp cam. Its sure a powerhouse of a laptop. And for its price at 41k it seems to be a must buy.But i have heard some...
  6. cooljeba

    LG AN-WL100W Wireless setup

    Hi, I am planning to buy LG ANWL100 wireless device which would make my LG 42" TV totally wireless except the obvious power chord. Has anyone used this model before any thing similar ? Suggetions on Positive , Negative points ? I checked on ebay but couldn't find an...
  7. Jaskanwar Singh

    help in assembling a pc

    guys my question is that the mobo manual says that while connecting the front panel headers( power switch, reset switch...etc.) take care of the positive & negative pins.... but the wires with the cabinet do not mention + & -..:?::?:
  8. S

    Android Vs BADA VS Symbain Vs MAEMO

    Android Vs BADA VS Symbain Vs MEEMO Hello all, i read many post here and was very confused about this OS Wars in Mobile markets. According to My view there is mostly 5 OS Hot In market 1. Android (really Hot) 2. Symbain 3. Windows Mobile 4. meemo 5. BADA All has...
  9. mannuforall

    Your Suggestions About Nokia C6

    Hi, guys I wants to buy Nokia C6. I want to you Plz give your views on this phone. I want to use this for specially internet work. Plz help me with your positive and negative views on this phone. Also if any better alternative on same prize range.
  10. saurabh kakkar

    Some compiz feature required in Xp

    Hi members Posting after a long time :) Actually this Q is for my windows Xp but related to Linux so posting in here I was using Ubuntu with Compiz and there was a Negative feature in that press super key nd N and u will get desktop in Negative mode as i m hooked to this feature nd currently...
  11. P

    Is Digit available in England?

    Hi all there, i need little help in this prob.. I've been a reader of Digit for past 3 years and now am in UK so am not getting it here, i tried so many places but all negative. Is it possible to get Digit here. Can somebody help me plz.
  12. R

    Bloggers trashing your company? Online reputation managers are here

    Source: http://www.business-standard.com/india/storypage.php?autono=336250 Chances are that when you run a search for a company on the web, blogs with negative content will show up on the first page, if not as the first search option. For example, a Google search for "Airtel broadband +...
  13. gurujee

    Question about having a pirated Vista

    Hi I recently bought an acer 4710z lappy which is designed for Vista though Linux is preinstalled. Now, installing XP in this is a headache for a non-techie like me. The dealer is insisting to get a Vista installed but he also suggesting to have a LEGAL Vista. But it will another heavy...
  14. Third Eye

    Apple Caught Modifying Wikipedia Entries

    Wikipedia is well known for not being an overly reliable source of information as anyone can edit entries. Despite not receiving the blessings of academic circles, Wikipedia remains one of the fast and easiest ways to get information on any given subject, which is probably why so many people use...
  15. V

    Effect of Humidity on PC Components ?

    Many electronic devices have humidity specifications, for example, 5 to 95%. In a high humidity environment, condensation is prevalent which can have a negative impact on electronic devices. In a low humidity environment, electrostatic discharge occurs more readily, which also has a negative...
  16. tango_cash

    how to convert a negative of a photo into positive using photoshop???

    i have a sccanned negative of a photo and i would like to see it' photo .ne 1 have ne idea on how to convert a -ve of a photo into a photo using photoshop???
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