Dell Inspiron - terrible Experience while purchase [ which finally didn't happen ]


Can you hear it..??
I opted to buy a Dell Inspiron 3543 Core i5/1TB/4GB/Dos model from store and what happened is as follows

I was offered "the best price" on the laptop model - INR 37,900 /- and the product was delivered to the shop from the dealer. Now the MRP on the package was INR 37,512 [ Shipped in Dec 2014 ]. Usually,we all know that from stored we get products a few thousands lesser than what is marked as MRP, but here it was the other way. On questioning I was helped with an answer ."You wouldn't even know if we place a different sticker with a different price ". What should we define this as and whom should i write this to ?

They also insisted me to check the market price. How does that matter and why the hell should I when I am buying a product unit with it's retail price marked ?
You should have posted this thread in another section....

Anyways, what you can do now is....just complaint in a consumer court. MRP is paramount in cases where goods are not related to commodity market, and Laptops are not. Further, the statement that guy said technically makes him....a criminal ?
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