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  1. mayoorite

    Tablet under Rs 10000/-

    hi guys i am collecting money for my first tablet pc and could afford tablet under Rs 10000/-.So suggest me some which are reliable for long term use like nokia phones.It should have 3g,should able to open .docx,.pptx,.pdf formats.I am class xi student and need for general purpose.But it should...
  2. K

    Audio Stream Missing in DVD to MPEG Conversion

    I am converting my dvd movies in to mpg format using total video converter (DVD Mpeg - NTSC - 720 x 480), an error was displayed as : "Error while opening codec for output stream #0.1 - may be incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height. I installed Power DVD 7.0, DivX Player...
  3. Sridhar_Rao

    Simpler wmv to mpg conversion

    There are some wmv video files that I need to convert into mpg (mpg-2) or similar (NTSC-DVD or NTSC-VCD) formats. To convert there are two softwares, one is the super and other is ulead video studio. Conversion using the former results in poorer quality but the latter takes at least 4 hours to...
  4. linardni

    mpg to cd software plz

    I have recorded quite a number of video clips through my Sony DCR 701E camcorder in mpg format. Since the format is taking a lot of space, I want to copy it in CDs. However when I am copying through Nero, no audio is heard for the the output video. Please advice of any freeware so that I may...
  5. Charley

    WMV to MPG convertor software

    I have lots of wmv files and need to convert them to the mpg format. The software should be resource friendly and do the job without the loss of quality or quantity from the video. Any links ?
  6. Ray

    Free ware to convert FLV files to mpg?

    Is Free ware to convert FLV files to mpg?
  7. patkim

    DVD Region

    I have LG DVD Writer. I very well remember that when I had installed it and checked the DVD region in the properties, it indicated as No region selected and thus I had 5 changes available So far I have not played any movie DVDs on this DVD writer. The only DVD’s I used have been data DVDs...
  8. Charley

    RM to AVI / MPG convertor

    I have lots of real media files. I need to convert them to avi or mpg formats. NO WMV. Is it possible? if yes give me a LINK for the software convertor.
  9. D

    Streaming Issues !!!

    [Firstly I tried to search for this but was unsuccessful] Can anyone here tell me "how do you catch/convert streaming media(video) to any other format(avi, mpg, ...)"? Have tried hard to get it done but failed. Help me plz...
  10. R

    poor quality rendering

    hi, I have edited a mpg file in adobe premier,and i want to save /export this file as a video CD, problem is movie or mpg file which is created is not of the same quality as the original CD, i tried lot of options/project settings but nothing cud help. Does anyone knows how this can be...
  11. vikasg03

    How can we burn DVD with MPG files

    Hi to all group members, I want to burn video songs in MPG format in DVD, but play as a DVD. Is it possible. I want to do this in MPG so that i can burn more videos in DVD. How can we burn DVD as a VCD??? I just want to write more more and more videos in DVD and thats why i don't use vob...
  12. T

    how to make movie CD of .mpg file

    i have downloaded on movie file and its having Mpg extention. now i wanted to make it to movie format to write it to a CD. for this am using NERO. well, i had done this a lot of time earlier but now i am not able to convert it to a movie format. what i noticed is that when i copy a CD movie...
  13. H

    recording TVprograms/video from handcam from a tvtuner card

    While recording programs from TV using a pinnacle PCTV 100e USB interface system , the size of the mpg files are massive nearly 64 Mb for every minute .... Is there a way to reduce the size of the file , and how ? Also while recording input from a handycam video camera the size of a 100 mins...
  14. V

    Any freeware dvd to mpg converter?

    Any freeware dvd to mpg converter?
  15. pirates1323

    Covert playstation movies in str to mpg with TMPGEnc

    yes u c convert playstation movies in str format to mpg with TMPGEnc :D just extract this file in TMPGEnc folder...... when extracting it will create folder... open tht and cut and paste the file in main directory..... http://www.ifrance.com/sniperstef/logiciels/strdecode.rar (19Kb)
  16. K

    Divx Audio Sync Prob

    my divx movies audio go out of sync when converted from .mpg format . initially converted .dat to .mpg and the audio is just fine in it . once i convert to divx using flaskmpg , the audio is in sync for around 5 mins and then the audio runs faster than the movie , ie there is a delay in the...
  17. parthbarot

    The best software to convert to DivX AVI's from DAT, MPG etc

    hello i m parth from gujrat. i want t tell u the trith that VIRTUAL DUB & FLASKMPEG r the best softs to convert DAT, MPG, MPEG to DivX's AVI.Bcz its free & so simple to use. Dr. DivX is there but its not so good.It not let u perform changes in settings. u can use BITRATE...
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