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  1. devauniversal

    Microsoft to spend 1 Billion

    Microsoft Corp says it expects to spend more than $1 billion (euro730 million) to repair widespread hardware problems in its Xbox 360 video game console after a large number of them broke down. Microsoft said Thursday that it would extend the warranty on the Xbox 360 to three years after too...
  2. morpheusv6

    Nine burning questions about how Vista is really doing

    source: http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=printArticleBasic&articleId=9021838 Nine burning questions about how Vista is really doing Eric Lai May 30, 2007 (Computerworld) Four months after its official, belated release, figuring out how Windows Vista is doing in...
  3. dhan_shh

    World's Best selling phone!!!!

    Nokia 1100 is adjudged the best selling phone in terms of number of units sold,it has just crossed "200 Million units"...WOW!! That's gr8,as it was "Made for India". Other competitors: iPod-100 million Razr-50 million Chocolate-10 million...
  4. Third Eye

    Windows Vista: 100 Days, 40 Million Sold

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  5. Third Eye

    Mars Is Becoming Visible in the Night Sky

  6. 24online

    10 Stunning Facts About Microsoft’s Profits

    Wow! The Var Guy owns a calculator, and sat down recently to compare Microsoft's profits to those of ten other famous companies. For fun, he expresses those comparisons in terms of how long it takes Microsoft to exceed the quarterly profits of Apple (two weeks), Google (18 days) and Red Hat (10...
  7. Yamaraj

    India the Superpower? Think again

    Source: - http://money.cnn.com/2007/02/08/news/international/pluggedin_murphy_india.fortune/index.htm Discuss!
  8. anandk

    Google invests in Maxthon !

    BREAKING NEWS : Multiple sources are confirming that the Chinese/Israeli startup behind the Maxthon Browser has sold a minority stake to Google. The total investment size is rumored to be around $1 million...this investment is part of a “much larger strategic deal” between the two companies...
  9. W

    India's internet growth highest in the world!

    Internet Growth
  10. iMav

    $400-Million Airbus A380 Palace

    You may recall our post about the $400 million Airbus A380 commissioned by an Arab oil magnate, where $100 million of that was spent just on the giant jet's interior. Now we have three a picture of the inside of that flying palace created by jet interior expert Edése Doret, who put together the...
  11. koolbluez

    Speed racers... this is 4 u...

    Check this CrunchGear link displayin the fastest commercial vehicles money can buy. Land: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 $1.5 million, 0 - 60 in 2.5 seconds, 2-tonner, max speed 253mph, 1000 horses Air: Cessna Citation X $20 million first-hand rate, max altitude 43,000 feet, top speed Mach 0.92 (~587mph)...
  12. techtronic

    Samsung Fined $90 Million for DRAM Price Fixing

    In a settlement, Samsung agreed today to pay $90 million USD for participating in illegal DRAM price-fixing practices. Samsung and several other major DRAM companies were all caught up in bitter court ordeals involving business conspiracies that affected the bottom line for several major OEMs...
  13. techtronic

    5 Million Pirated Discs in Asia-Pacific Sting

    Operation Trident consisted of 1,874 raids which resulted in the seizing of nearly 5 million pirated discs and the arrest of 870 people during a two-month anti-piracy operation. The large-scale operation targeted pirate production facilities, pirated optical discs from street vendors, retail...
  14. techtronic

    Swedish Bank Struck by Huge Online Phishing Heist

    Swedish bank Nordea, the target of one of the largest online heists, has lost between 7 to 8 million Swedish kronor (a little over $1.1 million USD) over the course of 15 months. Security officials claim Swedish police traced computer servers first to the U.S. and then to Russia - no less than...
  15. blackpearl

    US to declassify millions of pages of secret information

    This means lots of interesting documentaries on Discovery and the History Channel in comming years. I'm waiting. :))...
  16. anandk

    How Microsoft fights off 100,000 attacks per month

    How Microsoft fights off 100,000 attacks per month Microsoft maintains valuable intellectual property on its internal network, including the source code to all its operating systems and applications. These are constant targets for hackers, and Microsoft tries to protect its most valuable...
  17. anandk

    Good news for Linux.....

    ....Microsoft, Novell pact in trouble ! :-? Free software supporters are already working to undercut the deal, which brought Novell several hundred million dollars...read more about it here
  18. S

    Microsoft to Pay Novell $348M Under Linux Pact

    SEATTLE (Reuters)—Software maker Novell Corp. said on Tuesday that Microsoft Corp. will make two separate payments totaling $348 million to the company under an agreement to allow Novell's open-source Linux software to work with Windows. Microsoft will pay Novell $240 million up front in...
  19. hemant_mathur

    2 million FF downloads in 24 hrs

    Source : http://www.beltzner.ca/mike/archives/2006/10/27/firefox_nation_unpimp_your_browser.html? Apparently, people loves them some Firefox. Within 24 hours of the official launch on Tuesday, there were over 2 million people using Firefox 2, and we were seeing a peak rate of more than 30...
  20. saurabh.sauron

    Death of Conventional P2P

    Last week, prominent P2P network eDonkey announced it was settling a copyright-infringement lawsuit brought by the Recording Industry Association of America for $300 million and closing up shop forever. Users who clicked a button to update their eDonkey2000 software reported the "update"...
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