1. rhitwick

    Moving to Kolkata

    Guys...I'm getting relocated to Kolkata soon (may be this weekend). My transfer plea got approved after 3 months. Well, for most of you this is irrelevant but Digitians with whom I had met personally in all Mumbai meets...........will miss ya all. I loved this city very much but its time...
  2. Anorion

    [By Demand] January 2010

    All previous demands are met. Mostly. Ask for fresh ones now.
  3. Anorion

    Which is the better archiving software

    Ok, you have to be a little quick on this. I was thinking of replacing Winrar with 7zip as the essential unpackaging and packaging utility, but met with some opposition... wanted to settle the question, so just want to know which is the better of the two according to you.
  4. Anorion

    By Demand [September 2009]

    Most importantly, send in those user contributions! A whole bunch of demands have been met, the preview will be put up in ten days.
  5. Raaabo

    [By Demand] October 2008

    Please start posting demands for October 2008 DVD The demands for September that weren't met will be included in October - where possible.
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Jab We Met - Big catches for Moser Baer Entertainment!

    Jab we Met was released by moserbaer entertainment for Rs. 34(2xvcd) and Rs. 49(DL DVD). a big catch indeed for moser baer, who are getting notorious in india for selling original movies cheaper than duplicates. getting this hit film was a big surprise for all, and I am soon going to watch my...
  7. A

    Saddam Hussein sentenced to hang

    A combative Saddam Hussein was sentenced Sunday to death by hanging for his role in a brutal crackdown nearly 25 years ago in Dujail. A five-member tribunal met amid heavy security and sweeping curfews in Baghdad and elsewhere, as authorities braced for violent reactions.
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