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  1. vidhubhushan

    Long Beep No Display

    i have one old PC. was lying just like that. Thought of using it as music player. specs are - Pentium 3 1GHZ Mercury 815fsx MB 384 MB Ram 40GB PATA HDD Sony CD Writer Mercury Cabinet with 250W PSU When i tried to start, i heard a small burst sound and then it started beeping with no...
  2. $ingh

    Mercury unveils 3G Enabled Ultra Slim Tablet-mTAB7G

    Mercury launches 3G enabled Ultra Slim Tablet-mTAB7G at an unbeatable price of Rs 7,799 bundled with Apps and Freebees. The launch offer from Mercury brings the package bundled with a Tablet case with keyboard worth Rs 889 absolutely free for the masses. Kobian, the leading player in computer...
  3. V

    Mercury mTab Neo Tablet with SIM Card Support Launched

    Mercury mTab Neo, features 3G capabilities using which one can make both video and voice calls. Mercury mTab Neo Tablet with SIM Card Support Launched
  4. A

    System Restarts on power fluctuations

    well I have a system (Self Assembled) having intel dual core 2.8 Ghz pro. with asrock 945 based board. whenever there is fluctuation in power or power off the system restarts. system works perfectly when the power is proper or in battery backup. Also the processor heat above normal...idle arnd...
  5. A

    PLease suggest a good psu for my config

  6. C

    Suggest PSU for bare minimum system

    I want the cheapest quality psu for my system AMD X2 250 3ghz Asus m4a78lt m-le 2gb Transcend ram Hitachi 500gb sata Seagate 80gb ide LG 22x dvd writer I was using Mercury smps which came with the cabinet, one evening, computer switched off and my numeric ups was making long red beeps...
  7. R

    Finding Clock Speed of RAM

    Hi, I need to get a new RAM for my PC. So I need to know it's clock speed. How can I know it ? Is there anything else which I need to note while purchasing RAM ? My PC Specifications : MotherBoard : Mercury PVM 7 Processor : P IV 3.06 GHz Thanks, Ramesh
  8. C

    SMPS for Pentium III 800 mhz

    So my 9 year old 235w mercury smps goes dead. The hardware dealer says putting a 450w smps might burn the motherboard and components. I could not find less than 450w smps anywhere. So, i buy a second hand Kobian 235w, this worked for the first time. during the next boot started making loud...
  9. P

    Selling Pc

    I have DESKTOP RIG with the following configuration proccy-p4 -2.4ghz mobo -865gbf intel ram - 1gb(2x512mb sticks) hdd - 40gb seagate graphics - nvidia ge force 6200 agp soundcard - Creative sound blaster. cabinet - kobian ATX smps - mercury 400w monitor - samsung samtron crt 14"...
  10. J

    Pls take a look at this config!!

    Hi, Below is the configuration which I have chosen after careful consideration. Please give me your feedback and suggestions. My Budget is 24000. I checked the bwindia.com website for the prices. I believe the street prices will be 500 to 1000 lesser, hope fully :p... If you can give me a price...
  11. TheLetterD

    plz. help.want a grfk kard

    :-?Hi ppl really need urgent help! is a palit 9600gso compaitable with with a asus P5N MX mobo?and will a psu of 450w from mercury be enough?i run a E7200 proccy. is a zotac/palit / xfx 8600gt btter or a 9500gt?:rolleyes::confused::confused:
  12. reniarahim1

    Mercury 845Gl Ndsmx display driver issues

    I am facing the following issues in my mercury 845GL NDSMX mother board, 1. Its not showing the resolution of 1400x900 in windows xp even though it is showing resolutions above that.i installed my monitor driver cd also but it also solve the problem. 2.I am unable to get the display drivers...
  13. K

    PI945GCM motherboard help

    Hi... I am in need of mercury PI945GCM motherboard's manual and drivers... and yes i did try the mercury website but could not download the manual or the drivers... Thanks in advance
  14. shirazhansen

    Which of these PC Configurations is better?

    AMD Phenom X4 Quad 9550 - 8650/- Gigabyte GAMA78GM-S2H - 5000/- 2 GB Kingston - 2350/- 500 GB HDD Seagate - 4200/- Mercury ATX Cabinet - 1400/- 22" AOC -...
  15. S

    Supported Graphics card for Mercury PVM4 M/B

    Can u tell me what type of graphics card is the suitable one for Mercury PVM4 Motherboard? Is it AGP or PCI Express?
  16. G

    Motherboard help

    Hi dudes, On my old computer with socket 370 celeron 500, the intel 810 motherboard is faulty and seems a repair couldnt save it. Is there any NEW motherboard available to replace my mercury 810 so that i can use all other components to make a working thing in a ~ Rs 1000 margin ? Thanks
  17. desiibond

    Mercury smps in Zebronics cabinet

    Hi Digitians, I have zebronics Geforce1 and SMPS is giving lot of trouble. Can I connect Mercury 450W SMPS to this cabinet. Regards, Bond. Desi Bond
  18. iMav

    Are CFLs that good ...

    came across this peice of article following some links ... and isnt it true that they keep on saying save electricity and use CFL ... it shud ... save urself and dont use CFL http://hardware.slashdot.org/hardware/07/10/02/1231202.shtml
  19. R

    Mercury motherboard drivers

    hey friends, I have lost my motherboard cd ( MERCURY ) can anybody provide me any link or upload the graphics and audio driver for it.
  20. anarchy0x

    will this mobo support this card?

    A friend of mine is buying the Mercury PI865GM since he needs something equivalent to his intel 865 gbf & he doesnt wana go for a total upgrade coz hes got everything.. RAM, graphics card etc My question is will Mercury PI865GM support cards like ATI x800 XT & 7800 GT? I know those card should...
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