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  1. anirbandd

    MSI R7770 2PMD1GD5 Review

    Bought this card ~1.5 months back. With my semesters on at taht time, got time to write a proper review only now. This is my first review, so bear with me. Firstly, BIIIG thanks roll out all those who helped me decide [in here], specially topgear and ico. Unboxing: Review: Ghost...
  2. vishalg

    can only boot by pressing mem ok!

    i am able to boot only by pressing the mem ok button (twice) on by asus m5a97 evo board, it gives continuous 1 long and 2 short beeps and the dram led on the board is lit. i have 2x2 gb corsair ddr3 value rams @1333 1. i have tried clearing cmos by jumper as well as removing the battery...
  3. S

    Need help in decrypting Files

    HI All, Need a Big time favor, so below is my agony.. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII phone. I had put a 4GB Micro SD memory card in the phone and encrypted using a password. then for some reasons i had to wipe my phone off.. so i removed the memory card(coz i was worried if it'll wipe my Mem...
  4. S

    Mem card/Jelly Case for Neo V

    Guys, Could anyone tell if 16 GB card is ok to use with Neo V(know that it can take up till 32 GB ) but just checking if it would have any problems.. Also please let me know If i should go for sandisk or Transcend Saw two models on Flipkart SanDisk Memory Card MicroSDHC 16GB ( Class...
  5. setanjan123

    Good RAM at 2k.

    Hello guys i am new to this forum. I hv a fairly low end pc. My CPU IS Intel pentium D @2.80 GHZ 2.80 GHZ. I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Integrated Graphics of 256mb. I hav 2 512 MB RAM's installed. That gives me a virtual mem of 896 mb only. Dats why i wanna buy new RAM of 2 GB. Any...
  6. A

    Got my Samsung galaxy S./i9000

    XD hey guys thanx for yer welp i just got my hands on my SGS :) costed me 27400/- so far i am loving my phone :) xD i got 16gb mem on it. do i need an external card?? u know for customization like ROM n stuff?
  7. S

    mid range gaming PC

    hi guys i m a noob here and was wondering if u guys wud help me... i m plannin to buy a comp now tat my last 1 gave up on servin my needs... its gtta b a gaming config n shud min hav a 17" TFT pref 4GB mem n well graphics cards r a must... my range is 35-40K n well i need a UPS 2 but hav gt...
  8. K

    How to transfer between mem cards ??

    hi , i jus purchased a 8gb mem card .... now all my installed apps , themes and n-gage games are on my default 1gb card that i got wid my fone ... IS there any way to transfer all the stuff from one mem card to the other ?... will a simple copy paste work ???... or do i have to make an image and...
  9. K

    8GB mem card help

    i have a nokia 5320XM ... planning to buy an 8gb mem card ... few questions 1. does it slow down the fone drastically ? ... i plan to use bout 5-6gb for music (bout 1200 songs) , 5-10 n-gage games , few themes , bout 25 apps , 500-2000 SMS msgs , 10-20 20min videos 2. do i go for SD or SDHC...
  10. T

    psp help

    Hey guys i am going to buy a psp in the near future plz tell me the following:- Wat all does da pack contain? How much gigs of mem do i need to buy? A good headphone Some tips and tricks for it so dat it lives longer Apps (if available) Plz do it soon
  11. T

    Need suggestion for phone below 10k

    I have short listed some of dese phones listed below plz tell me which one is good on the basis of:- Voice Clarity and Quality Expandable Mem upto 4 GB Good CAm Below 10,000 INR THE phones r:- Nokia 5700 Nokia 6233 Nokia 5310 Nokia E50 Nokia E51
  12. M

    whre are apps installed??

    ive a n95 8gb..! tht is s60v3 this is what i did:- 1. i took a backup of my phone mem thru BACKUP app in Nokia pc suite 2. i updated my firmware fr v10 something to v20 something 3. i restored my original phone mem data thru the BACKUP app again frm nokia pc suite now i hv all the apps shown in...
  13. M

    price of psp mem card??

    wat is the price of mem cards used in the psp?? pls tell me prices of sme of thm... like 1gb, 2 gb and mre/..!!
  14. P

    Budget Cell Needed

    hello ev1. well i have been sent on a quest 2 search 4 a budget cell by one of ma unks! since i am an NRI i aint updated wid d indian rates. oki ill put it down 2 u guys now pls recommedn a gud cell 4 d below specs. 1. mp3 playback is a must. 2. FM radio is also a must. 3. expandable mem is alos...
  15. S

    help about n73

    help me about 1. how to convert nokia n73 into music edition...i search alot bt nothing 2. wen i change the memory of msgs frm phone mem to card mem..it hangs....its successfly change wen i change it 1st time aftr formating the fone..bt wen i remove the card n change the mem again it...
  16. P

    Symbian S60 Woes!

    i own a nokia 6680. when i bot d mob a couple of years back evthin was wurkin fine. but now d hot swappable memory card function aint functionin. if i need 2 change d mem card i got2 switch off d cell wich is a tedious job. does ny1 knoe d reason? or mayb a format of d fon mem n change of os mit...
  17. slugger

    2 tell d mem abt reported post?

    is it necessary 2 tell a user dat his/her post is being reported it is esp significant 4 section dat involve post counts wish 2 keep my post count without any non-relevent posts so i reported a post just now w/o tellin d mem at it wen d mem Cs it in diff topic will understand immediately...
  18. A

    Radio in mobile ???

    Hey guys.. How much important is FM in a cell, although the it may have a GB of mem n gud sound playback ??? Is it worth sacrificing ??
  19. S

    how to run iso on psp

    my friend has a psp . he wants to know how to run a iso using a mem stick on his psp ? plz help
  20. M

    Need help guys its urgent!!!!(laptop advice)

    I'm planning to buy a laptop during summer n like most of the ppl I'm confused bout which one. I would be really grateful if u cud help me out on this one.(I live in jamshedpur...... thats in the state of Jharkhand if u dont know) My budget is approx 57k.I need one that has a graphics card (no...
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