1. mobo

    Discussion: RMA/Service Centers of PC H/W manufacturers

    So the other day I decided to search the web for the service centers of various hardware manufacturers, you know, for... 'general knowledge', and to my surprise very few have a clear cut list on their official website. While google returns plenty of results from third party websites, I can say...
  2. M

    Phone Manufacturers: Who's whom?

    I've been amazed with the facts about the phone manufacturers and their tie-ups. Even more amazed with the knowledge of how some companies are actually subsets of others. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss that and unveil the insides of the smartphone market. Also, this thread would...
  3. sling-shot

    Unequal cord length of headset

    Some hands free headsets provided by mobile phone manufacturers have unequal length for cords going to each ear. Why?
  4. R

    Dolby Vision’s Brighter Display Technology Will Actually Make You Want a 4K TV

    Read on: Dolby Vision's Brighter Display Technology Will Actually Make You Want a 4K TV | Gadget Lab |
  5. mikael_schiffer

    Optimus G for Rs20,942 on

    * 4 pieces got sold already... The seller has 100% positive feedback, and has 1 yr ServePro Warranty. Is it worth the risk,you know,not having manufacturer's warranty. Im in full tenshun, im in a hurry cuz it may get sold out soon...but im...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    notebook Gfx Card driver from where?

    from notebook manufacturers site or graphics card manufacturers site?
  7. socrates

    Microsoft continues to milk Android manufacturers

    Acer, ViewSonic latest to sign patent license agreement. Microsoft continues to milk Android manufacturers |
  8. N

    Can anyone tell me the price of this asus laptop?

    This is the model number: N53SV Also can anyone tell me is it worth buying this laptop. I heard that asus is one of the best motherboard manufacturers in the world. Are their laptops good and reliable. But please tell me the price of this laptop.
  9. iinfi

    mobile buying guide

    i need a mobile buying guide. something which lists mobile from different manufacturers along with approx MRP in India. there used to be a site which no longer exists. anything which you may have used . thanks edit: i v seen tech2 but it only seems to have reviews and...
  10. S

    Suggest a handset upto 10K

    I am looking for new handset preferably from Nokia upto 10K. The models I am currently interested in are 5320, 7310 or 5700. Please suggest which one of these or others you can think are the best? Also you can suggest from other manufacturers.
  11. E

    Using PHP to filter results from an SQL table.

    Hi Guys, I am new to php so this problem may be simple for you guys. I currently have a web page with PHP code that pulls all the information from a mysql database and displays it on the web page. What I would like is to have another page which would filter the results according to which...
  12. Krazzy Warrior

    Cool Site Of The Day..!!

    Guys use this thread to post as many as good websites you come in contact.:D I would like if u post the description of the website along with the link.
  13. elenec

    DDR3 to be nearly as cheap as DDR2 this year?

    Hi all, Source
  14. A

    Cellphone market share in India

    Can someone tell me from where to find the statistics which shows the market share of cellphones in India.. Like which company is on top, followed by the other manufacturers... marketshare wise... I tried everywhere.... :( Its urgent.. PLease thanx.
  15. D


    im using MSIRS482M2-IL motherboard..does it support DDR2 RAM?? how do i find it out? theres nthng on the manufacturers site for this product? thank u all in advance
  16. sourishzzz1234

    The other Hardwares

    :cool:Dear buddies i have allready decided to buy a comp for gaming(mainly):) and other purposes and hade made alist of all the hardware manufacturers of the following: Monitor Speakers Keyboard Mouse Cabinet UPS MOtherboard Processor RAM HDD DVD RW I want the list of the other essential...
  17. S

    [color=red]SHOULD I UPGRADE MY BOARD DRIVERS [/color]

  18. C

    A sub-30k Laptop ...?

    After months of waiting and speculation, the sub Rs 10,000 desktop PC is finally here! HCL Infosystems, Sahara, and Xenitis now offer desktops that cost almost as much as camera cell phones. Never mind if they run Open Source Software, or if some use Chinese components. You can actually get work...
  19. bizzare_blue

    Auio device driver

    I have an Intel i810 motherboard. I have WinXP (SP2) installed on it. My comp does not recognizes my soundcard ( I have a seperate soundcard). I dont have drivers for the soundcard n ontthe name of the soundcard too. I took out the sound card but cud not find manufacturers name on it. The device...
  20. L

    160 gb = 131069 mb?

    i recently bought a 160 gb seagate harddisk( not SATA) . in the windows xp setup it shows me i have 131069 mb?...i know about the theory behind it that 1024 mb = 1 gb and hdd manufacturers use 1000mb =1 gb but is the difference so huge for 160 gb?
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