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  1. A

    memory error solve please!!!

    "The instuction at 0*00353356 referenced memory at 0*0d47a000 the memory could not be written" what type of error is this? is this the software error like application or an OS error? or is it hardware error? i got this error while playing mafia pc game.. pls threw light on this ...
  2. Pravas


    Hi is there any new realease of Mafia. And please anyone have save games of mafia or know any site where can i find it. Thnx
  3. executioner

    Mafia Walkthrough

    Hi, Can anyone give the ign mafia walkthrough in one file(.doc,.pdf etc) with the pictures.I really need it.Please help
  4. executioner

    Tell all u know about Mafia 2

    Hi, I can't wait for Mafia 2 to release.Plese give us all information u know about the game to us
  5. tanush_89

    New Arrival Like Gta

    I was watchin gamer Tv on ten sports n came across a game like GTA. NE1 knows what is it??? It's a new 1. some others are:- total overdoze mafia true crime
  6. nithinks

    Gimme MAFIA saved games!

    hello members Can anyone give me the saved game files(completed) of mafia? my email id is nithks@gmail.com thank u
  7. nithinks

    How to getdown from car in MAFIA

    hello; Can anyone tell me how to getdown from the car in MAFIA ? im currrently in 4th mission (i suppose to destroy all the cars in a garage) MAFIA , i don know the version... Which control should i use?
  8. N

    Games Liek Mafia

    I just got Mafia and finished the game in 3 days. This must be the best 3rd Person Shooter I ever played. Its better than all my previous best games like maxpayne I and II, halflife and hitman 2. Can someone list some good 3rd Person Shooting games like Mafia. I dont want 1st Person Shooting...
  9. yrana2002

    Mafia woes

    Mafia is indeed a great game(only flaw being too much driving instead of action), but it has two technical problems, with my pc: 1. In tutorial, when you are to open the lock of the car provided & step in, no notification comes after that, even if i drive the car around or bang a few people...
  10. U

    Name the toughest race.

    Tell the toughest race you've played yet. Including any game. Race must be only one. According to me: The race of MAFIA in "Fairplay" mission.
  11. kunwar

    please tell me the cheats 4 MAFIA as i can't find them!!!!!!

    i can't find them on www.gamefaqs.com so help me :oops:
  12. kunwar

    how can i know the video ram of my pc?

    in dxdiag, display memory is 64 mb while playing pandora tomorrow, vram is 8mb. in mafia, it is 4 mb :idea: :shock: :cry:
  13. K

    Suggestion to buy a good game

    Hi Friends, Can you please tell me a good game to buy I am very much interested in game like vicecity. PLEASE TELL ME UR suggestion to go fro which one. 1. MAFIA 2.ENTER THE MATRIX 3.SAN ANDREA thanks in advance. Karthik
  14. N


    i don't think GTA was soooooooooooo good.have you played MAFIA, now that was one hell of a realistic game.
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