1. R

    Insufficient audio from my laptop.. Pls help

    Hi folks, I have a K53S series Asus laptop. For past few days, it seems there is some problem with the audio. When I listen songs, I cant hear the lyrics , theres lot of noise in the song so I cant make out the words of the lyrics. Pls suggest what might be the problem Thanks in advance
  2. R

    Cowon J3 review

    Its been almost a month since i purchased my Cowon J3 PMP. I bought it from Liplap, the official cowon dealers in India for a "special offer" price of 14.5k with the cowon original J3 leather case (worth 1.2k) for free :) The following review will be based on my usage pattern but I’ll try to...
  3. esumitkumar

    need a karaoke mp3 player who can sync lyrics on screen

    Hi I want to see lyrics coming line by line along with any english/hindi mp3 song. Is there any free software which can do this ? I dont want just displaying lyrics..They should come as singer sings. Please suggest. Thanks Sumit
  4. D

    creating a music play application

    I am creating an application in which I'll play a song or a poem and want the lyrics of the song to move at the bottom of the screen. As the song progresses the lyrics should also move.....can anyone please give me any idea about it any programing language.....Java C C++ or .net....or...
  5. D

    Media Players which show Lyrics.

    I am looking for Media Players which can show Lyrics which are saved on mp3 files itself(as ID3 tags). WMP shows that when you see advanced properties for file getting played. But I want those lyrics to be continually displayed while playing... I am aware of just 1 open source player which...
  6. ankushkool

    audio player with lyrics support!!!

    i m using winamp, but it does not have any good free lyrics plugin. so can anyone suggest a audio player with lyrics support!!!
  7. ring_wraith

    The "Post Your Favourite Lyrics!" thread

    What would music be without lyrics? Go ahead and post what you think are some great lyrics. No genre, language or other restrictions! Lets just try and not post entire songs.. just post the part you love most. I'll start off : Keep you in the dark You know they all pretend Keep you in the...
  8. ring_wraith

    Lyrics on w760i

    Hey. Is there any software which I can install on the w760i which will let me read lyrics while listening to songs? Preferably something that can read embedded lyrics.
  9. Arun the Gr8

    My 3rd Song..

    Here's my 3rd Song... No cut, copy & paste. Just old school.. Recorded the whole song in one go.. N there is no plucking, just plain playing of chords. This song is nothing special, but had the deep urge to record, so i did.. Post your comments, plz.. Third Song ---------- Good Riddance...
  10. Arun the Gr8

    My 2nd Song - Dedicated to my Girlfriend

    Here's my second song.. Sang this for my girlfriend.. Tell me what you guys think.. Second Song ----------- Hey There Delilah (Originally performed by Plain White T's) Lyrics Here's a version in which i removed the chorus part as it felt very irritating to me...
  11. aditya1987

    Lyrics Plugin for WMP..(Very Cool)

    Hi guys!! I just found this cool lyrics plugin for WMP, So wanted I to share it with you, INFO:- Languages: English OS requirements for Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player: OS: Win2000/XP/Vista Minimum requirements...
  12. C

    Which media player can display the lyrics of a song as it is playing?

    I have added the lyrics to some songs but they are not being displayed in Winamp. Is there any other media player which can show the lyrics as the song is playing?
  13. iinfi

    bollywood song lyrics with meanings

    is there any site which givs the lyrics of bollywood songs along with the word to word meanings.
  14. M


    is there a software which can automatically integrate lyrics of all songs in my music library from internet- i dont want to do it manually
  15. redhat

    Search the Lyrics Plugin Database on your own

    Not sure if many of you know this, but for those who dont, Search the Lyrics Plugin for WMP's large database on your own now!! Use this search String to search for the lyrics :<Song Artist>&title=<Song Title> Remember to use %20 to...
  16. vivekrules

    AkeLa Hu ME Tum Bin LYrics

    ey m searching the lyrics of akela hu mein the album name is reath.. i have search many places .. but not getting the lyrics.. if any one can get the lyrics.. i ill be very thankful to him.. waiting 4 your response........
  17. User Name

    Any one know this song?

    I cant remember lyrics but the one that goes Tananana, ta nana na na, tana nana, tanana nana, and so on :confused: I think there was one ad in which this track is used.It was long time back. :rolleyes: Any one remember this song? I want the lyrics of this song.
  18. xbonez

    lyrics plugin for WMP 11 reqd

    guys, i need a plugin for WMP 11 that shows lyrics of the song Now Playing and more importantly, saves it to the ID3 tag of the song
  19. N


    i want to know how can i add lyrics to my windows media player 11.pls help.
  20. BBThumbHealer

    No Lyrics , Only Beats Required !

    Hi All , I want some music which only has pure hard beats and no lyrics , plz suggest some songs and if possible , post a link .. Waiting For a reply ... Thnx BlackBerry7100g. ;)
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