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  1. gulati.ishank

    Iem suggestion under 3k

    hi everyone, I want to buy an iem under 3k and i have pretty much finalised Brainwavz M2 but i want to ask that would it be a worthy upgrade to current headphones (AKG K403) cos i have to sell them first before getting m2 and please tell me if the following online store is reliable to buy m2...
  2. masterkd

    Hard disk purchase dilemma

    I want to buy a 2TB WD green hard disk(WD20EARS) and it is not available in the local retail shops. So i thought of purchasing it online. Now it is available in Theitwares @ 5.375k(including shipping) and in Lynx @ 4.075k(including shipping and tax) Now I have some reliability worry. Read...
  3. xynidexxx

    Lynx india or Theitwares?

    I'm really stuck at buying the CORSAIR GS600 power supply which i will be solely buying for my new asus 560ti graphics card. I have checked and compared nearly all the reputable e-tailers(there aren't many:lol:)to just compare the prices and to my dismay only three:-? listed gs 600 on their...
  4. V

    fischer audio ts-9002

    Hey everyone. what u all say about fischer audio ts-9002 earphones available on lynx
  5. J

    Need help with PSU

    So Finally, I had decided to change my crappy zebronics 500w platinum psu. I come to know differtnt Psus Like, Corsair TX650 V2 @ 5500 in Primeabgb Corsair GS800 @ 5600 in primeabgb and the Mega XFX 650w xxx Modular I can find it in lynx india. XFX 650 Watts SMPS - Model...
  6. doomgiver

    psu for new rig

    my current config: <garbage>intel core duo 2ghz 1 gb ddr2 intel dgxxx</garbage> seagate 1 tb hdd ^ this garbage was from a "computer bhaiya" a few yrs back, when i didnt know better. now, the audio is dead, the display does not show the red channel, and it freezes, even on openbox...
  7. B

    Need a wireless router 2 - 3k

    Hey everyone, I need to buy a new wireless router and my budget is 2- 3k. Good range and coverage is my priority.. I had a look at this router Netgear WNR 2000 : WNR2000 - N300 Wireless Router and is mentioned to be around 3.2k mark on Lynx India website and I can accommodate it in my...
  8. NewsBytes

    Knoppix 6.2

    Knoppix starts off as a straight forward Live CD distro that boots from a very basic text interface. The LiveCD component shows up all of its features in the form of text based menus. It has quite a few features but the way it&rsquo;s presented, it looks like something from the late 90s. For...
  9. Phantom Lancer

    Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (LTS)

    The Next Ubuntu release is the Lynx and is scheduled to be shipped in April 2010 . Being a Long term Edition it ll be supported for 3 years for the desktop edition and 5 years for the server edition . Quoting Mark Shuttleworth release schedule...
  10. royal

    1.5 TB availability in Kolkata

    Friends, need to get a 1.5 TB internal HDD (prefer WD over Seagate)...can anyone update me whether it is locally available or not and at what price? :razz: If I dont get it here then I will have to place order in Lynx...
  11. T

    Zotac Geforce 8800 GT

    I would like to know how this graphcis card rates. The Zotac GF 8800GT 512 GDDR3. I am getting this card from Lynx India for 8860 bucks....Is that the correct price?
  12. C

    Corsair VX 450 For Quick Sale

    As per title i am selling Corsair VX 450 Price-2.9k+shipping at actual. SMPS weight is 3KG They will charge 275 near about.. Its hardly used 4 months old purchased from LYNX with remaining 4.8 years of warranty. Bill and Original Box available. current...
  13. P

    Hello To Digit Members From Lynx

    Mates , I am Happy to Be Associated and start Chitchatting In digit forums ,Well i Happen To have a store in chandigarh called lynx .I Like the following 1 :Computers 2 :Electronics 3 :Chip Level Repairing And Professional Data Recovery . Recently i have started liking...
  14. Generic Superhero

    What is Lynx?

    Can anyone tell me what is Lynx? Is it a kind of browser or an OS?
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