1. L

    Where can buy this laptop ?

    Hi I have researched enought o like this machine. ASUS UX501. However I'am unable to find it. Please help me locate as to where may I find this system online. Dealers say it will take around 15 days. Thanks
  2. M

    Help (restoring dll files)

    hi fellas, my desktop was infected with viruses which i suppose mainly came due to regular video downloads i had made.. i installed an antivirus net protector and cleaned all of them. though due to irregular electric supply i suppose some dll files have been lost. now wenevr i open an...
  3. Baker

    anybody played "operation flash point cold war crisis"

    Hi guys me just started playing the OFP coldwar crisis ...., but unlike other combat games am facing so much difficulties for killing enemies , most of the time am not able to locate the enemy positions , can any body suggest me the exact way to play this game ...? bcz i thing my approach...
  4. Ecko

    Integrating SP3

    I need silent installers for DirectX 7 posibbly .net framework 1 & 2 and Internet Explorer 7 that i can integrate into my SP3 CD Please anyone who can locate ....!!!
  5. parthbarot

    Locate Laptop - locates your stolen laptop!

    Data care solutions provider, Unistal Systems, has announced the launch and availability of its new software product called "Locate Laptop". As the name suggests, "Locate Laptop" powered by proprietary WebSniff technology can locate stolen laptops leveraging on the World Wide Web. "Locate...
  6. R

    help.....i wanna play multiplayer....!

    I think it looks a bit silly!!!!:( but i want to play Counter Strike online on my pc...........:o i m a small fry.......kindly reply in detail...if required.......like how to locate a server.....etc.. Thanks.:smile: also tell which version of CS, i m a bit confused..... n i dont want to use...
  7. B

    problem in uninstalling

    dear friends I want to uninstall roadrash game from my computer. Atthe time of uninstalling i get a message that unable to locate c:electronicarts/roadrash/del1st3.isu. uninstallation will not continue. please help os windows xp bkm
  8. H

    Feedback form

    hi guys, i can't find the feedback form advertised in june 2007 issue of digit over page numbers 179 and 180 which was meant to be found on the website. please help me locate it or atleast let me know whoom to ask about it. thank you harsha
  9. Gigacore

    Top 10 Tips for Linux Users - O'Reilly's

    O'Reilly's - Top 10 Tips for Linux Users Everyone develops their favorite tips and tricks for using Linux based on their own experience and the kind of work they are doing. Here are some of mine. These tips may seem simple, but I've found it's often the simple tricks that are the most useful...
  10. anilmail17

    plz locate this address in google earth

    aanyone from mumbai plz locate this place in google earth and tell me the longitude and latitude co-ordinates or send me the placemark 601 Boston house, suren road, chakala Andheri (EAST)
  11. 24online

    Wikimapia - will it be possible ???

    hey guys, wikimapia is gr8 site for seeing diff. locations.... however it has some limitation... but u can locate ur place and can give name.... :) i think GPRS is not availble in India....:( due to low config. in PC , i prefer this site rather than google earth.... My Q : Is it possible to...
  12. trigger

    A new way of viewing ur files/folder graphically...

    this is the sw i came across many years ago.. this is really a cool way to view ur files/folder. Standard treemaps often lead to thin rectangles. We have developed a new method to display files : Squarified treemaps. The screen is subdivided such that rectangles approach squares as...
  13. Digit_Dragon

    Google-Earth Download

    Hi friends, I donot know whether it is already posted in the forum. We can download the google-earth and install in your own system and can locate any place you wish *earth.google.com/download-earth.html Is this going to affect someone's privacy ;)
  14. S

    iPod Nano problem

    hi. my ipod has got ionfected with a virus.can i format the drive using XP to get rid of it? my antivirus stops the virus script from running,but cant locate it in the iPod. does formatting destroy the iPod as in case of flash mp3 players? pls help
  15. M

    Mods plz help

    I have been looking for this thread plz help me to locate it *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36765
  16. subratabera

    Query: Rootkits on Fedora

    Hello all, I am just curious and want to know if there is any possibility of my Fedora Core 5 (and Core 6 in near future) being affected by rootkits. I recently came across a site which recommended to install chkrootkit on fresh Fedora installation. Here is the link -->...
  17. E

    windows tricks & tips

    I had earlier come across some tips and tricks for tweaking windows XP's performance etc..i am unable to locate that thread...can someone pls send me the link??
  18. T

    IM Danger / Hacking ?????

    Can someone hack / take advantage of ur PC when ur with a IM convo with him (msn messenger) ? And is it possible to locate the person's location (who ur chatting with) on IM ??
  19. E

    Transparent Scrrensaver

    There was a scrrensaver from Microsoft (I think it was in some Resource Kit) through which you could see the desktop and the applications running even when the screensaver was active. I am unable to locate it. I googled a lot. Does anyone has a direct link.. Thanks..
  20. D

    looking for note book pc under 40k

    Hi Can u guys locate a <4ok laptop preferably with wifi. Sempron based systems don't shell out much processing power do they? Give me detailed info as i am a novice in the notebook department
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