1. K

    ISP in East Delhi

    I am a past MTNL user, but in my whole area the MTNL goes down 2 years ago. Currently I live in Geeta Colony, Delhi-110031 ,, can anyone give me the Idea of good ISP in my locality,, and is Spectranet exist is my area? And what about Nexter, hows its service and speed.
  2. S

    Need Help in cost of living in Mumbai

    Hi, I want to join shari academy which is in chinchpokli , mumbai. Now i've never been to mumbai, so i need some info on the paying guest or single room rent rates around that locality, i have very low budget so want something cheap, which locality should i search for pg, also what can be...
  3. avichandana20000

    Net connection

    Guys i need to know which one is a good ISP in kolkata specially in Garia locality. Is local cable worth taking for internet connection? budget 500.
  4. rahul_c

    Idea Netsetter data card unlocked

    Idea Netsetter data card unlocked Details - Huawei E1550 upgraded to latest firmware 11.609.18.00.00. The data card is in pristine condition and had been used just for 16 days. It has been unlocked so you can use any GSM SIM (Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL 3G, etc) to use the internet. Date of...
  5. Nemes!s

    Best localities in Pune for buying Appt.

    Hi guys I need favour from those who resides in Pune and other as well. I'm planning to buy an appartment in pune but not sure in which locality I should buy. I had been to Pune 3-4 times long just for a weeks visit long back. But now I'm totally out of touch of recent developments in pune...
  6. rahul_c

    Idea Net Setter

    I bought Idea Net Setter (3G enabled) just 10 days back it was working fine until I found out yesterday that I have done a mistake! :banghead: Reliance net-connect broadband + is available in my locality and its giving download speeds up to 300kB/s. Can I return the Idea device and get my...
  7. thewisecrab

    Crash Course in Java or Self Study?

    As the title suggests, I barely managed to scrape through CS in junior college The portion mainly consists of Java, which I'm finding hard to comprehend :| The "Complete Reference in Java" has helped me a lot in the pracs exam (thanks to ashu888ashu888 for recommending that book :) ) But...
  8. azzu

    Depressed ,,....Help me :(

    hi iam azzu recently me and my family moved 250 kms frm our native place where i spent 10 year(i should say precious)its not big city its just a town named Nalgonda. The matter is i completed my 10th standard(got avg marks due to comp) and now joined in college in new...
  9. kool

    Ip Address ?????????

    Hey guyz......... Plzzz tell me about some good demo/shareware software which gives full detail of any IP ADDRESS. Is it possible to know home address, telephone no, exact locality ??? Reply soon.......
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