1. H

    windows 7 doesnt boot with second hdd

    I currently have a 500gb HDD with win 7on it.when I connect my friends HDD with no os and set mine as first boot priority it loads up to win 7 screen then goes to chkdsk...it starts checking my friends HDD...any solution? - - - Updated - - - Problem update...can't boot into safe mode with the...
  2. ithehappy

    Why Chrome loads Youtube videos faster than Firefox?

    I am a Mozilla Firefox user, but lately when my broadband connection is slow I found that Chrome loads Youtube videos faster than Firefox. On Firefox it gets stuck, but with Chrome it keeps playing and the quality changes automatically from 480/360p to 144p when connection gets even slower. Why...
  3. dharmil007

    Desire hD @ 12.5 worth buying ?

    Hey guyz what do u think : is hTC desire hD worth buying @ 12500 ?? is it a good buy 'coz it is only Android 2.3 & nt upgradable to Android 4.0 {but obviously it can be rooted & can be upgraded.} & Considering there are loads of mobiles by karbonn & micromaxx in that range ? Budget...
  4. dan4u

    Ebay Not Loading Properly!!

    Hi, I've got this weird problem, every website loads properly on my laptop except ebay, it loads perfectly on my desktop, but not on my laptop, the laptops connected through wifi. I tried googling it but found nothing. btw I'm using chrome. This is how it looks on my laptop, I'm missing...
  5. Nipun

    Unable to access BIOS & Only Windows loads in Linux dual boot.

    Hello! First, I am unable to access my BIOS. The manual of motherboard says that I need to press Delete key when screen says "Press Del to Setup", but no such message comes and even if I press del from start to end, nothing happens. My motherboard is MSI 880GM-E35. Second, I recently...
  6. digit.sh

    can not access wikipedia.org

    Please help:-( Since last 2-3 days i can not access wikipedia:-x , every other website loads just fine. But wikipedia continues to load forever, can never see any wikipedia article. I use airtel gprs-edge in westbengal circle, speed fluctuates between 6kBps-16kBps. Any...
  7. P

    External hard drive problem

    Hello everyone, I have a 1 TB go flex free agent ultra portable drive and was having a loads of data on it... but now when I connect it to my win 7 pc it asks for formatting and on my laptop which is operating on ubuntu 10.10 does not shows it in the computer folder (I am not an advanced...
  8. win32.tr0jan

    Black Ops Quick Save

    How does COD:Black Ops quicksave works?Even if i Hit F5,the game loads from the beginning of the stage!!
  9. krates

    Car dent remover?

    due to my @#@$%@$@$ parking I get every now and then a dent on my car.. its getting costly to get every dent removed... there are loads of dent remover on ebay I want to buy one I need suggetions!
  10. icekid

    Problem at Boot time

    I had windows Xp installed earlier later I uninstalled XP and I installed Win 7 but during booting it's showing 2 options "Older version of Windows" and "Windows 7" I don't mind this but it would be fast if it loads to win 7 directly instead of this annoying option. Can someone help me. I am...
  11. P

    Wifi and bluetooth prob

    Sir, yesterday, I purchased a Lenovo S10-3. After installing Windows 7 Ultimate x86, it worked pretty fine. Today, I discovered a SIM card slot under the battery and decided to test it. I inserted it and started the windows. So, I removed the SIM after shutting the laptop down and then restarted...
  12. Q

    Need HELP ! ! ! ! PLEASE ! !

    HII , friends , i had recently purchased a computer wit the following configuration AMD 790GX - gigabyte phenom x4 - 9950 black edition ati raedon HD4870 4 gb ram corsair 750watt power supply 500GB segate cooler master 590 , though this rig is for gaming .........even in 1024x768 resolution...
  13. V

    Help with damaged Graphics card warranty

    Hi I had a Leadtech 7600GT 256mb PCIe express graphics card i brought on Nov 2006. 2 days back while i was working the system crashed and when i restarted it, there was no display. The windows loads alright, coz after a few seconds turing on the PC i can hear the windows logon sound. I tried...
  14. R

    Why not Intel DP35DP ???

    Hello Digisters.. I'm getting a new system this weekend.. Had finally zeroed in on the MSI Platinum or the Neo.. blame it on Digit.. Now, my uncle wants to know why I do not want the Intel DP35DP.. I don't really know.. There's loads of reviews all over the net for MSI boards but not one...
  15. RCuber

    Apple.com Down?

    Looks like www.apple.com is down.. cannot ping , and none of the browsers are able to load it. is it really down? apple.co.in says EDIT: loads only text based menus and few images thats all.. very slow.
  16. smile

    Plzz Help

    Whenever i start my PC and Win XP loads .....i get messages saying to download all kinds of antivirus softwares:-| ....if i click on cancel..it goes but stays in taskbar..and loads again...i tried to remove from msconfig startup...but no use...its again comes:confused:
  17. Charley

    Private vs Public Torrents

    What is so special about private torrents, people are requesting and trading invites. Public torrents are available and it has loads of stuff. I am curious, some one comment.
  18. RCuber

    Can thinkdigit load faster?

    This forum loads very slow for me at office. I tried both the forum themes but it takes lot of time. The archive interface loads very fast but doesnt have much usabality as I cannot reply to the messages, is there any other methods to speedup digit in IE 7 or any settings in User CP? Pls donot...
  19. a_tif

    pc keeps restarting

    this is one problem which is bugging me like hell my pc keeps restrating this happens sometime after windows xp loads completely after restart i get sytem has recovered from serious error this started 2 weeks ago i have reformatted main partition n reinstalled win xp 4 times i got bsod...
  20. stellar

    Error Starting Corel Draw X3

    I get this error message while opening corel draw X3 " Unable to create a DOM document class not registered verify that MSXML 4 is installed". And " Valid workspace file not found at the path specified." and the program doesn't loads. I think i deleted some file used by corel draw when using...
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