Need a DVD Rom Drive

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if you want something, you have to put it up one the request thread yaar...
anyway..i have a 6-7 month old samsung dvd-rw drive which i am willing to sell for rs.600
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Ankur Gupta

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for 1k or a bit more u get a new DVD ROM....u wont get more thn 600 for ur DVD drive jz2linkinpark....until u find a mysterious buyer like for ur N91 who bought it for 19.5k....


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Samsung/LG Brand New DVD Combo drive is available for just 1100 and Brand New Samsung DVD Rom is just Rs.1000 in mumbai....


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oh sorry, i didn't know the current market price,now rs.600-
and about n91, he had the misconception that n91 still cost 30,000+...
probably looking for my head right now:D


I am ready to pay around RS. 600 including shipping for second hand DVD rom. I will only pay through VPP or Cash on delievery. If anyone is interested Pm me..
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