1. K

    Please suggest parts for my PC build

    Hi Everyone, I am going to built a PC from scratch for my work of Lighting & Rendering. Basically my budget is kind of tight. so can you please suggest me if there are any changes needed in my built. Anywhere i can reduce or change or save on. I will be using Software...
  2. Randy_Marsh

    CPU lighting?

    Hello Guys, I have assembled some systems by myself before, but never worked on lighting. I have recently assembled a new system with Corsair Carbide SPEC - Alpha and wish to light it up to potentially use its see-through side panel. I was looking online for some LED strips but most of...
  3. mitraark

    LED Strip for PC cabinet lighting

    Just ordered a Corsair Air 240 B) Was planning to add some WHITELED Lighting on top and bottom of the window to show off mah rigz ( yes the i5 760, 8 GB HyperX and 750 ti B) ) Really want it to be white LED, but what I would really prefer is a remote control RGB system :) Theres a...
  4. vanpr7

    LED lighting inside the cabinet.

    Guys I want to install LED lighting inside my cabinet. I have CM HAF 912 but I have no idea how to go about it as nothing seems to be readily available in India and all the online guides aren't that helpful. One more problem is that my liquid cooler and my psu have blue led's in them (though...
  5. D

    Net not working on PC after removing router

    3 days ago i bought a Netgear N150 JNR 1010 wireless router from my friend just to test its range. Since i am using MTNL(delhi) BB with Sterlite SAM300AX modem (provided by mtnl itself) when i connected router for first time i got an error of same IP address of my modem and router. So i changed...
  6. vickybat

    The Power Behind Unreal Engine 4

    The most awaited next-gen engine from epic games is almost upon us. Its tech features has been extensively discussed in the following video. UE4 features a whole new different type of ray tracing called voxel cone raytracing that completely eliminates pre-compute based lighting features or...
  7. V

    Advice on buying Lighting Kit with Light Tent for still-life photos

    Hello guys, I'm actually new to photography. I'm looking for how to buy a light tent, and a lighting kit, that can be used to create a couple of soft-light based images of still-life. Please help me with decent manufacturer names, links to buy the lighting equipment online. My Budget is...
  8. avichandana20000

    Lighting arrestor

    Need to install a lighting arrestor in my house. Can any one share regarding its availability, price, any particular manufacturer etc on it . i live in kolkata.
  9. P

    Need cabinate lighting stuff

    hello everyone i need help i want some ""lighting stuff"" for my Cabinet.. tell me the best place to buy related stuff. please reply.. I am unable to find place in
  10. C

    Best Option For Taking HD Videos For YouTube

    Hi All, I want to take lot of HD videos for youtube. It will be mostly still videos focusing on a person. I will make the background white by overexposing the background with strong fluorescent lights. I don't think lighting would be an issue since it will be taken indoors and I will...
  11. yogamoorthy

    Matt Screen 22"

    Hello all, I want to buy a new monitor and the Benq G2222 and Dell ST2220L suit me. However, these are gloss finished and would ruin my movie experience because of the lighting in my room. Could anyone please suggest a matt finish monitor with similar features and price - 22", full HD...
  12. khmadhu

    Computer UPS for home lighting!

    Hi, Nowadays in Bangalore power cuts happening more, so I decided to buy a UPS which will benefit for both my computer and lighting. but this costs more around 7-8K to give power to full house, my budget is tight 2.5k , so though :idea: of doing some innovative in home. my plan is. To buy an...
  13. M

    Interior Designing Software

    Hi friends. My friend have joind a job in jaquar (lighting division) he want some software which can help in his presentation. So can any body tell any software which put stress in lighting decoration. Suggest any software. urgent required
  14. S

    LED Light Bulbs to Take Over?

  15. harryneopotter

    Frame Rates prob in COD2 ....

    Hi friends my config good enuff to play COD2 ? Config: AMD 3600+ AM2 Nvidia 6150 onboard 512 x 2 667 mhz dual channel Hitachi 160 GB 3.0 Gbps LG 700E 17" CRT i am playing Call of duty 2 with lowest settings possible 640 x 480 AA: off Refresh rate: 85 hz Texture filtering...
  16. yogi7272

    which lighting

    i am looking for some case lighting two options 1. antec internal blue led light 2. cooler master internal cold cathode light tube ....pls suggest which one will give the best results with minimum heat .....
  17. L

    Rediff Offering 1 GB

    Rediff Waalo ne 1 GB launch kar diya aur abhi bhi kai bevakoof insaan gmail jaisi slow email services ke intezaar mein baithe hain.Kaun nahi jaanta ke rediffmail is offering lighting fast email service.The most reliable email loading times and various other features.YAARO JAAGO.............
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