far cry patch not installed

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After extracting far cry patch into far cry folder, when i try to install it says,
"This installation can not be run by directly launching the MSI package. You must run setup.exe".
please tell me what i can do?:confused:


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What format are they in? AFAIK they should be .exe files as far as I know.Plus it's not necessary to install them inside the Far Cry folder.The installer will automatically detect the location of Far Cry on your HDD & proceed with patching it.Check the file extension again as by the looks of it you have got some sort of MSI based installer.Try re-downloading the patches again.BTW what patch version are you applying?


ok,i think u are installing the patch by using -a in target box(as i told in ur previous thread). Just point to the folder where farcry is installed. It will extract and replace the game files from the patch. No need to run the msi file which will be extracted. U wont get any message like patch has been installed, nor will u get patch in add remove programs. Mke sure u point to game folder properly. Or extract the patch somewhere else,and copy paste game files manually.
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