AMD launching dual core Athlons

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AMD launching dual core Athlons tomorrow

Exclusive AMD Athlon 64 X2s to line up with dual-core Opterons

By Fuad Abazovic: Wednesday 20 April 2005, 15:48
THE WORLD+DOG already knows that AMD has its Opteron dual-core CPUs ready and that it's set to launch them tomorrow. But not many know that AMD is launching dual-core desktop CPUs as well.

You do now.

AMD says production-ready CPUs are now shipping to some leading OEMs and system builders world-wide. General system availability is scheduled for June, we learned.

The chippery will be available for both mobile (Desk top replacement) and desktop computers and feature enhanced virus protection and 'Cool 'n' Quiet' declocking marchitecture.

Its pretty much two Athlon 64 stitched together and connected with Direct connect (m)architecture, we understand.

We learned that dual-core Athlons and Opterons will be compliant with existing motherboards. You will need a bios update to make them work but that’s about it.

AMD taped out its first dual cores in June 2004, first demonstrated this marchitecture in August 2004 and will claim to be the first to ship such marchitecture for servers and workstations starting from tomorrow the 21st of April.

That should nibble at Intel's todger. µ


this ought to put a smile back on a few peoples faces ;)


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I would suggest that people who are looking for new hardware should restrain themself let the dual core stuff hit the market and then make their plan. This new thing will be expensive but as the trends show it will bring down the price of the now top of the range items thus benifiting all. Also people looking for a high end setup have a lot more than the amd 64 to choose from.
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