1. A

    Mobile Phone within Rs. 2000

    Hi Friends, My mom needs mobile phone only just to make call and light music..Dual sim is preferred..Keypad is must.. Please suggest some phone within my budget.. Thank you..
  2. P

    Which is the best QWERTY keypad Android phone for Rs.13,000

    Hello geeks, I am going to buy an Android mobile phone this month and my budget is Rs.13,000. I know there are many phones under this category but do not know which one to select. I am looking for a device with touchscreen as well as a hardware QWERTY keypad (not on-screen). If there is no...
  3. coolnikhil

    A 3x4 keypad mobile in 10-12k

    hey guys. i am looking for a normal 3x4 keypad mobile for my dad. in around 10-12k budget. he is currently having Nokia 6700s. since now a days touchscreen phones are booming in market, hence i am finding it difficult to get a 3x4 keypad fone. please help me...
  4. A

    Android with backslider keypad under 15K

    My friend has budget of 12-13K. He wants Android with backslider keypad. He was checking out Xperia Mini Pro for 13K, 1 Ghz Snapdragon ArmV7, Adreno 205, 5 MP, VGA Front Cam, Android 2.3. Is there any better android with backslider for that price?
  5. T

    Basic bar,numeric keypad phone upto 15k budget

    Hi I'm looking for basic phone for my friend with 15k budget. It should be pure basic phone (Bar phone with typical numeric keypad ) but with the fallowing requirements 1. Excellent Phone Reception 2. Friendly user interface 3. Excellent Battery Life 4. Easy to use keypad for SMS (i.e...
  6. D

    Nokia Phones Below 7k ?

    Guys suggest me some of the Best Nokia under the price tag of 7k Better to have it as a keypad model
  7. A

    Contacts Problem in Galaxy pop

    I have a strange contacts problem with samsung galaxy pop. Some of my contacts are not visible in contacts list. But when I type those contact numbers on keypad, those names appear in instant search. Please help me.
  8. bongourav

    Phone for elderly ?

    Hi friends, I need to buy a cell phone for my grand-dad. It'll be his first phone so I wanted one which is very easy to use. Large keypad is important as he has big fingers (I asked him to use my old N70 & he was not at all pleased with the keypad). Budget is maximum 3-4k. I liked...
  9. M

    Usage of foreing Keypad in Samsung FIT

    Hello Everybody, I have installed few forieng languages Keypad (like Tamil font, Spanish, German) but its not being shown in the default SWYPE keyboard. I also tried enabling it. but dont knowhow to make usage of tamil font & keypad that i installed it SAMSUNG FIT. pls help. Thanks
  10. H

    camera phone + good keypad under 5k

    i'm thinking of Nokia X2 (not sure how the keypad is) but wondering if anyone else has a better option under 5k. this is an extended budget already. buying it as a gift. my only preference would be a decent camera and a good keypad for SMS.
  11. Arnab boss

    need help i buying a new mobile within 15k

    hi guys...,since my e71 is having some hardware probs i need a new phone within 15k :grin :grin: it should hav the following features.:high resolution screen with amoled display. :5 megapixcel camera with flash...
  12. O

    Need Mobile phone with touchscreen & slide-out qwerty keypad

    Dear All, I am looking for a mobile phone that has both touchscreen & slide-out qwerty example being Nokia C6. My budget is 20k. Any good company will do. Plz suggest me some. Thanks in advance, Troy.
  13. varuog

    Best Buy around 5k ?

    Hii friends ... I am looking forward to buy a phone around Rs. 5000 /-. Basically I just need a good keypad. (QWERTY keypad, good battery life, good looks along with other features would be an added bonus). I found the Corby TXT and Motorola EX115 to be impressive. What are your suggestions ?
  14. Gaurav

    Is a hardware QWERTY keypad really useful

    Hello everyone, I haven't used a touchscreen phone before. I want to know how useful a hardware qwerty keypad in a touch phone is? Please tell me your views/experiences about it. Thanks
  15. H

    Phone with physical keypad & GPS for around 10k.

    m planning to buy a new phone this month at a budget of around 10k. basic requirements: - 3.5mm audio jack - GPS - physical keypad - 5MP camera with flash - no touchscreen required seen N79 and the keypad sucks. saw SE Elm and Hazel but the screen size and the OS is a problem...
  16. N

    Need a phone for text messages

    Guys, I need a phone only for text messages and dual SIM...please suggest me from your experiences which one will be the best to use for text messaging feature and dual other features needed like mp3 ringtones,camera,3g gprs etc...I only need a phone which has nice keypad and easy to...
  17. P

    New Launch Nokia C3, Nokia E5 & Nokia C6

    Nokia has launched three new mobile phones for Indian market yesterday, Nokia C3 being the cheapest of all, Rs. 5300 with a QWERTY keypad. The other two models C6 & E5 costs 13k and 10k each. check out the features Nokia C6 -
  18. K

    10" Photoframe with Touch Keypad from Genius

    Genius, a brand from KYE Systems Corp. has launched a new 10" Digital Photoframe - DPF-T1000. The Genius DPF-T1000 10.2” digital photo frame comes with a fashionable touch keypad design and has the best high density screen display available. The unique auto photo rotation function and...
  19. techking_dinesh

    5800: Go for it or not ?

    Hi, I m a First Year IT engineering Student looking for a good mobile phone within 15000/- 5800 meets all my requirement Camera is no big deal for me I m a big sms junkie so i would jus like to ask d current 5800 users whether i shud go for this or not ?? Also, Besides the touchscreen is...
  20. S

    PDA's less than 15,000

    HI Guys Can you suggest me any PDA which runs on Windows Mobile? My budget is 15,000. How is HTC? Which is better. Touch Screen or touchscreen with keypad.
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