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  1. nac

    [URGENT] I think I fried my motherboard

    I think I fried my motherboard when trying to fix my GPU issue. There was a burnt smell and now it's not booting. I tried some troubleshoot options, - LED light in motherboard is lit up - PSU fan not spinning - CPU fan not spinning - Don't hear any noise from HDD - No display in the monitor -...
  2. T

    Is my PSU failing?

    Hi,I have a Corsair TX750 that I bought 2 years ago. Lately, the PC just shuts down randomly. It's like someone pulled the plug, no BSOD or any error, *POOF* PC is off just like that. I cant really tell when it shuts down as it seems to be random. Its not an OS issue either. I did a full format...
  3. D

    [Want to Buy] [Looking to buy] DDR400- 512mb or 1G

    Looking for DDR400 512MB or 1G second hand - if somebody selling from their old rig. Recently one of the memory modules in my old rig has gone kaput and I am not looking to do away with this old DDR1 supporting rig yet. ;-)
  4. masterkd

    [Query] Razer RMA process

    I have a Razer abyssus 1800 dpi mouse came with Razer cyclosa bundle. It suddenly gone kaput last night. Can anyone please tell me the RMA process for Razer. Thanks in advance.
  5. S

    Strange problem !!!

    Hi everybody !! Have got stuck in a strange situation. one of my friends PC starts automatically as soon as the power is put on and goes off automatically after 15-20 seconds. and then it never gets on. Have tried changing the RAM, SMPS, CMOS battery, without connecting the HDD and DVD RW...
  6. cute.bandar

    VIP 400R brand new PSU (280W)

    Condition: Used only 1-2 times to test. Otherwise its brand new. COST: Rs. 400 shipped! bought for 550 Watts : 280 W USEd : virtually no WARRANTY - YES! almost 3 year warranty left Shipping - free! Reason for selling: Bought it a month back when i though my old PSU had gone kaput. BUt...
  7. sriharsha_madineni

    WD Passport went kaput suddenly, need to recover data urgent help :(

    My Wd passport 320GB went kaput suddenly a while back. All I get is "X:\ is not accessible, The file or Directory is corrupted or Unreadable" The problem is I filled it to the brim, since I was moving some important data. While copying I noticed the transfer rates have slowed down considerably...
  8. Psychosocial

    Left and Right CTRL keys not working in Windows 7!

    Is there a solution for it ? I dont think its a hardware fault as both of the CTRL keys have gone kaput.
  9. latino_ansari


    I want 2 purchase earphones for my new ipod nano 4g... I have a budget of rs.1500... I liked creative ep630 which i have used before but they go Kaput pretty easily... What do u guys suggest other than those...
  10. sagar_coolx

    to kill a mouse...

    i would like devote this topic to killing a real live one.. as it happens...i have the cold hearted desire to make my microsoft basic optical mouse(usb) go kaput...whithout any visible signs of violence(a good asassin never leaves behind the trail).... so i need you cronies to formulate the...
  11. iMav

    What's wrong with the Intl. banks?

    Well, as the question says ... I have no idea why are all the banks from US to UK going kaput? Anyone with info in simple terms?
  12. mad1231moody

    How to backup ??

    Hey friends I have no idea as to how do i backup my windows drive and restore it as and when required ? Currently I have installed all the neccessary software that i require on the windows drive. Tell me how will I backup the windows drive on a DVD and how will I be able to restore if my...
  13. S

    USB drive gone kaput :X

    I have a 2gb pen drive . I gave it to a person for copying some data. It worked fine on his PC. when i took it back and connected it to my pc it wasn't getting detected. It is not being detected on my college PC's also ... what happened to my USB ????? Is it repairable ????
  14. abhinandh

    win xp bootable cd???

    i have a win xp pro cd.i was able to boot from it previously.although the cd is in good shape i now am not able to boot from it.recently my motherboard an psu went kaput and i got them repaired.primary and secondary ide drives got interchanged and cdrom is primary.is that the prob??
  15. sysfilez

    Mobo reccomendation for P4 2.6

    my mobo went kaput recently, i am having a procy P4 2.6, wud like to know the good mobo available for it now.
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