1. P

    Saving SMS from phone on the computer.

    Hey guys, is there a way i can transfer my sms from my phone (Sony Erricsson k810i). My inbox is all filled up, 970 txts, and i cannot receive anymore txts.
  2. Revolution

    SE K810i Or SE K800i ?

    Which one is better SE K810i or SE K800i ? Or any other suggestion at that price range ? My main priority are as follows : 1st. Camera 2nd. Music 3rd. Mobile Internet 4th. Battery 5th. Durable 6th. Warranty and after sale service Thank you.....
  3. kushal.7

    "in-ear" headphone of sony-ericsson OR of creative is better for k810i ??

    which in-ear headphone is better for SE k810i Also consider the price. (not very much costlier than SE in ear headphone) tell me model & price. thanks
  4. K

    Again want lil help

    Hi friends, Friends, I have shortlisted some good cell phone models, now tell me which one 2 go. ( I like SE, but I want to shift to Symbian ) 1) nokia 5320 xm what is d price? 2) SE g502 3) se k790i 4) se k810i 5) any cell that u think good and suit 4 me and also delivers good...
  5. Kniwor

    FS: Sony Ericsson K810i

    On sale is Sony Ericsson K810i Phone has around two months warranty remaining. Perfect working condition, except the phone once fell off my hand an got a few scratches. These scratches apart, the phone looks good condition. Expecting: 7.5k Shipping from Delhi A closeup of the scratched...
  6. R

    K810i or K770i

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum. I am planning to buy a mobile phone real soon but I can't decide between K810i and K770i. So I am asking the opinions of people who have used or experienced both the phones. Please rate both the phones on the following criteria: 1. Music...
  7. S

    k790i vs k810i vs k800

    Guys which is the best among these ?
  8. baccilus

    Going to get SE K810i. Is it a good choice?

    I am thinking of getting an SE K810i today. My budget is 11K. Things I want in my phone are; 1. Very good camera; 2. Should let me install softwares like dictionary and games( which all phones in this range do; 3. An OK music player Every thing in that order. I message a bit too and I have heard...
  9. P

    Image Stabilizer in SE k810i

    Hi guyz, can't i use the Image stabilizer feature of k810i in every scenes i choose. By default i can only use it in "landscape" mode. Can't i also use it in "portrait" mode????plzzzz help
  10. P

    Mobile Buying??

    Hi! Everyone. I am thinking of buying new cell , I have a budget around 13K. I have sorted 2 cells Nokia N73m AND Sony er K810i. Please help i m too confused among two. Please suggest which one is better option? :confused::confused::(
  11. P

    Sony Ericsson K810i or K790i???

    which mobile is better Sony Ericsson K810i or K790i in terms of cam, ergonomics, etc
  12. P

    good cam phone>> sony ericsson k810i?

    hey guyz i was planning on buying a new phone. Howz sony ericsson k810i, i heard it has really good camera. I don't really care about music quality, what i need is good camera. My budget is that of k810i (15,000), around that. is ther Any cam phones thats better than k810i, of the same price...
  13. praka123

    bought Nokia N73ME from themobilestore today evening!

    yes! I exchanged my SE K810i of hardly 3 weeks old.the reason is , I want a Symbian phone. the choice was between SE P1i and N73ME .I dont want a touchscreen fone. bought the box which showed May2008 expecting latest software/firmware:p:p Got it for 13.5K in "the mobile store " muvattupuzha...
  14. iatb.gourav

    Buying K810i tomorrow.

    Hii friends. After a long (& heated) discussion, over N73 ME vs SE K810i, I've finally made up my mind to go ahead with K810i. The superb cam along with looks is the primary reason behind it. I am not a symbian fan, so N73 does does not appeal me in that respect. Besides, I am sure that...
  15. iatb.gourav

    SE W890i - Does It Beat N73 & K810i ???

    Hii friends. I just read a review of SE W890i in techtree ( http://www.techtree.com/India/Reviews/Sony_Ericsson_W890i/551-88491-614.html ) . Well, I really liked the phone and felt if it could beat the N73 ME or K810i ? We already had a long discussion on N73 vs K810i but this phone (W890i)...
  16. H

    6500 slider or k810i

    i m going to buy new phone soon. which is good 6500 slider or k810i and what about k810i keypad? is there any prob with that?
  17. Baker

    price of memory card

    hi guys what is the prize of 2gb card for k810i... did we get 1 year warranty for the card..
  18. E

    k790i or k810i

    Hi friends! I am confused between the k790i and the k810i...I don't know which one to buy. I've heard the following things about both the phones. Plz correct me if I am wrong and guide me as to which phone is better: 1)There is no major difference in software between the 2 phones 2)The k810i...
  19. M

    phone under 15k-

    should have good camera and edge\-like k790i. n 73 music edition k810i which is best do reply=========
  20. vasulic

    Radio without my headset

    In which mobile I use the radio without headset in NokiaN73me , SE k810i or SE k790i?
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