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  1. Z

    info wanted of w810i

    hi ppl my aunt wants to buy this fone as she is floored by my k750 cam quality . can you pls tell me its price in mumbai . is there any different in sound quality between k750 and w810?thanks in advance.
  2. P

    Nokia n70 or Sony ericson k750

    hi guyz, i was just wondering which phone is better nokia n70 or se k750. I don't really care about music, cuz i have an ipod, so what really matters is camera and applications. Which has better interface? btw are there other phones that r better then these two...but has same closer price...
  3. Vishal Gupta

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Vista Theme for SE K750 Phone Released

    Guys! Recently I released my first ever theme for Sony Ericsson K700i cell phone and many ppl liked it. But some ppl asked me whether the theme will work for their K750 phone or not? So today I created another similar theme for SE K750 phone and now I hv released it: :) I hope you guys...
  4. M

    help i cant view camera pics from k750 on pc

    hi guys i m unable to view pics taken from cam of k750 on my pc pls help me THANKS:-)
  5. M

    help my k750 is not detected by pc

    hi guys i connect my k750 by usb cable but window appears saying usb device not recognised but my fone is charging so pls help me THANKS
  6. ::vicky::

    General question of k750

    hi guys i have some questions like 1)how can i switch the tone like when we check the balance and the reply which comes comes with a tone after sending message also tone comes when delivery report is shown. 2) can i put a sound in the start up of the phone instead of vibration 3)...
  7. S

    K750 - Latest Firmware.. Where it is?

    Any one ? to help me.....? PLease tell me from where i can download the latest firmware versions for k750 please let me know the site , please
  8. S

    K750 - Memory Expansion - Doubts - please

    I have k750 , i want to expand the memory to 1 GB ,but the same phone is with my friend having 1 GB card .the phone gets slower and slower.and hangs. will this is a serious problem if i go for 1 GB . or tell me i have to go for 512 mb card. but iam preferring to go for 1 GB.will this affects my...
  9. S

    Will k750 price will come down

    iam about to buy a new phone this month. i feel k750 fits me , tell me the introduction of k790 will have effect on k750 price. please dont say simply yes. coz i know all products have a slight change in their price after its updates arrives. so tell me when and at what price i can get...
  10. S

    SE K790 have effect on K750 ???

    will the introduction of K790 in india will show effective lowering of K750 prices? comment please..... i saw a site showhing weekly price updates shows a 1k difference in last weeks ???? wil it continue
  11. S

    W800 vs K750

    :arrow: What's d difference between k750 and W800 ??? and why is w800 expensive compared to k750 ??? :?: :?: :?:
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