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  1. A

    old win xp cd games

    have some old cd games fit for win xp-these are ES games i think JANES aircraft cd-what rig shud i play with- i mean i require a simple joystick etc.will they work on win 8( compatibility issues?)
  2. S

    [For Sale] Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick Jan. '14 33 months warranty left with box/bill. Upgrading to Saitek

    1. *Model number and details: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. Key Features Twist Handle Rudder Rapid Fire Trigger 8 Way Hat Switch 11 customisable buttons USB Interface 2. *Date of purchase: 16 January 2014 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to Saitek X52 Pro for use with FSX...
  3. T

    Joystick for FSX

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent joystick for MS Flight Simulator X. Can anyone recommend some? I've seen the Saitek X-52 , but it's way too expensive. My budget is around 2.5k Rs.
  4. rahulbalmuri

    Gaming Joystick Vs Gaming Keyboard

    i'm looking to buy a keyboard for gaming... but suggest me... joystick or keyboard which one to go for... i'm new to this :)
  5. esumitkumar

    Joystick or gamepad for laptop gaming ?

    Hi Which is more better for playing FPS games on laptop Joystick or gamepad and why ? Joystick 1295/- http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/gaming/joysticks/devices/302&cl=in,en Gamepad 750/- http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/gaming/controllers/devices/301&cl=in,en Thanks Sumit
  6. T

    Prince of Persia Controls

    I have played the two Prince of Persia games, Sands of Times and Warrior Within. Now, while I am playing Two Thrones, I am totally screwed up with its controls. It is just impossible to navigate the prince using the mouse. I want to know that whether this problem persists while playing these...
  7. R

    USB Vibration joystick

    i am having problem wwith usb vibration joystick. when ever i plug-in,it displaying an error msg "usb not recognize windows malfunctioned". can u please tell me the solution soon?............
  8. S

    Joystick For Laptop

    can u tell me at what minimum cost and where in mumbai i can get a joystick for playing games on my pc..?? can i play all types of games with it?? plz tell me.... will be really thankful to u all......
  9. paper_heart_21

    Help me out !!

    Well i got my new shiny N73 me in the starting of June,2008 this year. It was working fine till last month but suddenly i hv starting experiencing a lot of problem with its joystick. Actually sometimes it is normal but if i use it after 1hr or 2 it suddenlly became very hard to use it which...
  10. rohan_mhtr

    Unable to use usb joystick

    I recently got myself a cheap usb gamepad which looks same like a ps2 joystick and has all the buttons . Its manual say that it is a usb dual vibration joystick with macro .I am not able to use this joystick . When i check in device manager , there it shows that drivers of this hardware is not...
  11. V

    zebronics joystick no vibration. Help.

    i have a zebronics joystick Jp100. it has vibration motors, but it is not working. is there any driver needed, where can i get it. Please Help me. :(
  12. A

    PS 1 Joystick In PC

    I have a ps1 joystick to pc converter that i got from my friend.But its pretty old and i cannot make the force feedback features work on pc.Any help,drivers,etc.?
  13. J

    Samsung E840..to buy or not to buy?

    Guys, I am not a big fan of symbian fones, never had one..have used the T610, k700, 6233 and 6300 so far... my 6233 got stolen recently, so was in search for a low budget fone arnd 7 k..maybe the w200i, but it has d joystick... So..here i am in croma wen i see this beauty...90% sure i would...
  14. He28

    Can Nokia Joystick be replaced?

    Hi all I have Nokia 3230. Iam a Game lover and play a lot of games on my Nokia 3230. As a result, the joystick has become loose. I fear, soon it will no longer on my cell. A broken joystick can render the phone almost unusable. Do you guys have any idea if joystick of Nokia phones can be...
  15. Shikher_neo

    Joystick enabled games

    i just bought a joystick but coudn't find games for it.please tell some joystick enabled games .i could find just the NFS Sreies and cricket 2007.
  16. U

    plz help me out!!

    here is my config: Pentium D 3.4Ghz Asus P5LD2-VM-CR-SI 945 G mobo with onboard graphics 512Mb DDR2 400Mhz ram Western Digital 160 GB 7200RPM HDD LCD monitor DVD writer 300W power supply My question to u guys is that can if i install an 8600GT 256MB card without replacing the SMPS and...
  17. emailaatif786

    Joystick does'nt get detected??

    My ADCOM Joystick does'nt get detected. I tried all the ways, but all in vain. What can be the problem?
  18. soumya

    Should I purchase a joystick or a gamepad?

    Guys, I want to purchase either a joystick or a gamepad. Since frontech is locally available, here are their two products :- Joystick :- http://www.frontechonline.com/gaming.php?atype=gamingdevice&&model=Josh%20Stick%20USB&&jilcode=1737 Gamepad :-...
  19. emailaatif786

    Joystick with Game Port

    ###### My PC/865 Motherboard has 1 mouse port, 1 keyboard port, 1 video port, 4 USB ports, 1 printer port, 1 serial port, 3 Sound ports, 1 LAN-RJ45 port. ##### I have a new Joystick that has game port, which I ca'nt connect to my PC. What hardware have I to purchase to connect this joystck...
  20. I

    Which Mobile Phone???

    Hi, I want to buy a new handset for me. By analyzing my requirements, I concluded to Sony W300i model. But some of my friends told me that Sony's joystick starts giving problems in 1-2 years. So don't buy a Sony handset that has Joystick. Is it true? Does W300i comes with joystick? Have any...
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