1. Nanducob

    Phoenix Jones - A Real Life Superhero

    This may be old news..From wiki Phoenix Jones with his sidekick Purple Reign Phoenix Jones is also recruiting people. Requirements: Phoenix Jones - Jones News 8-)
  2. H

    Indiana Jones: The Trailer is Out!

    Yipee baby, Indy is here. Check the trailer at Gizmodo. He still got it :D
  3. soumya

    Microsoft Claims Vista Is Top Dog – Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux – No Match

    When it comes down to security vulnerabilities, volume is synonymous with increased risk for the end users. Microsoft has played the vulnerability counting game featuring its own operating system, as well as main rivals throughout 2007, ever since Vista has hit the shelves. Now, as Vista is...
  4. Third Eye

    Microsoft Does It Again: Vista Is the Safest – Linux and Mac OS X Bite the Dust

    Microsoft did it again! Windows Vista is the safest operating system available on the market today, elevated from the position of the securest Windows platform, and three different distributions of Linux along with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger are left to bite the dust. The data illustrated in the...
  5. morpheusv6

    Windows vs Linux security report card redux

    source: Orlando, Florida — Jeff Jones has expanded his project to count security flaws (publicly reported and fixed) in the major workstation operating systems and his latest numbers show Windows Vista has by far the best security profile...
  6. techtronic

    Symantec Hole Leaks University Data

    An unpatched flaw in a Symantec Corp. anti-virus management console resulted in the compromise of a server containing the names and Social Security numbers of nearly 45,000 students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The students, enrolled at the university from 2002 to present...
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