Indiana Jones: The Trailer is Out!

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Yipee baby, Indy is here. Check the trailer at Gizmodo.


He still got it :D
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Woah! Mind blowing.These guys never get old I guess.First Stallone & now Ford.Man need to brush up on the series.It's been an awfully long time since I saw his earlier Indie movies.Now where's me DVD? :D


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True!! Even Arnold was it a few years back. The saw the trailer yesterday night. Amazing action sequences, will be fun!!


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The movie roxxxxxxxxxxx........... spielberg does know how to treat his audience... last time i was sayin "wow" to a visual spectacle was in KingKong (the new one).... then.. IndyJones & the CrySkull happenned.... WOW.... nuthin else can suffice my feelins.
And.. this comes from a boy who never actually saw an Indy movie!

The pic in the first post.. btw... is the first fight sequence... a magnetic fight... those who saw it... will understand why :D
^kya yaar,4-month-old thread pe reply post karte ho!!
he did the right thing. he wanted to express his feelings after he saw the movie.
so do u want him to create a new thread when there is already one on same movie.

and 4 months are not too long.
some ppl here bump threads which have been lying in graves for many years.:D:D:D


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awesome movie ...... must watch 2 all digitians .....

g & s have done a fantastic job ....
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