1. N

    How to know if a fan is intake/exhaust??

    Can someone please tell me ,how to identify and also how to install them as i really don't know how to..... I want one exhaust for rear ,one exhaust for top and one intake for side. As for the side fan i want a transparent fan ,so please tell me which one to choose from coolermaster and...
  2. S

    Laser printer buying advice

    Laser jet printer buying advice:- Hi all, My max budget is 30,000 rupees can any one suggest a good laser jet printer with following features 1) mono 2) Automatic Duplex 3) 1 year or more onsite warranty 4) network connectivity 5) cross platform compatible [ i.e should be...
  3. mavihs

    Samsung Jet(S8003)

    Samsung Jet(S8003) (price drop) Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Jet(S8003), GSM Arena - Samsung S8000 Jet - Full phone specifications , Samsung Site - Samsung Jet | Smarter than Smartphone Expected Price: Rs 9,500/- Rs.7,500/- Time of Purchase: Last Year Indian warranty...
  4. himangshu

    Need the price of Samsung Jet

    Hi guys, I wanted to know at what price the Samsung S8000 Jet is available now. Please tell me.
  5. pulsar_swift

    Video player for Windows 7

    Dear Team, I was using JetAudio Plus VX with windows XP. the feature is liked the best here, we can seek/forward the movie by using the scroll button on the mouse. Now i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I have installed Shark007 codecs. WMP is using the shark007 codecs. But jet...
  6. L

    Help Samsung Jet Freezes ?

    I bought a samsung jet this February . The phone worked fine till this May when summer started. Now it has started becoming unresponsive, specially if i am outside in open space ( temp nearly (38/40 C) , but it has never troubled me in Airconditioner.... :-( Sudden change in the temperature and...
  7. L

    Is Samsung S8000 Jet a Good phone ?

    Hi I m thinking of buying a new phone and one of my friends suggested Samsung S8000 Jet. has anyone tried out Samsung S8000 Jet? Please share your views.
  8. R

    samsung jet s8003

    hi friends, recently i hav purchased the jet and whn i click the camera button to take pics it doesnot take any pics and just make a beeping sound. pls advice...
  9. toofan

    Mov files in Jet Audio not running properly.

    Hello friends. I play .mov files in Jet Audio Player. First time when i play them they don't run smooth. They play a bit jagged or the video freezes and the voice runs. And then at some point they start playing smoothly. And then if I just rewind them to start they run without any problem. How...
  10. M

    Should i go for Nokia 5800XM or Samsung Jet S8000

    I was about to buy 5800 XM but recently came across Samsung jet on net. If we ignore the price difference. which mobile is best. i require a touch screen and ok music phone. please give me your suggestions....
  11. paroh

    Bag lost in transit, Spice Jet to compensate

    Fri, Jul 17 05:09 AM The District Consumer Disputes Redresal Forum has directed Spice Jet Airlines to pay Rs 30,000 as compensation for mental agony caused to a passenger whose baggage was lost in transit. The airline has also been directed to pay Rs 3,000 as cost of the bag in addition to Rs...
  12. L

    What is a re-manufactured ink jet cartridge?

    one guy tell me that I need to re-manufactured my ink jet cartridge. So let me know what is the actual term it is.
  13. B


    my usb flash device displays auto run even it when inserted.problem with auto play? transcend jet flash 1 gb
  14. raksrules

    Mumbai to Toronto - Which airline is preferable ?

    My friend is traveling to Toronto next week (for Company work). Which airline should he prefer and why ? Any personal experiences would be also of help. The choices he now has are: 1. British Airways (Via London) 2. Air France (via Paris) 3. Jet Airways (via Brussels) 4. Don't remember the...
  15. shift

    Gaffes in Hindi movies

    I have never watchd hindi movies but i think this one is funny (if it is true) Source - dont Know --------------------------------- Rangeela -------- Aamir Khan tells his friend that he will take Urmila Matondkar for a chinese meal. Strangely when they are in restaurant, Aamir Khan orders...
  16. romeo_8693

    [b]ink jet vs. laser....[/b]

    wich black n white printers above have the least cost per page?
  17. S

    *****JET RAM vs VALUE RAM *******

    Hi All, does any one have any idea what is the difference between a JET RAM and a VALUE RAM ?? rgds som
  18. rakeshishere

    Ad hoardings reveal India’s competitive streak (ChEcK this Out:Damn Funny)

    An email circulated between airline staff purports to show just how far India’s airlines are willing to go in the battle for passengers. The email includes a photo of a Jet Airways advertising hoarding bearing the tagline “We’ve changed” in a bid to woo travelers aboard. In an apparent game of...
  19. R

    how to use pinnacle tv tuner card's remote for the rest of the pc

    my config is:- amd athlon 64 3000+,512mb ram,160gb seagate hdd,sonydvd-rw,pinnacle 50i tuner card. I nwant to know how can i use the remote that came with my tv tunercard to control the system,especially softwares liike jrivermedia centre,windvr and jet aydio.s there any utility that...
  20. montylee

    PC Case or a Jet Engine!

    Wow, see this monster PC Case: * Looks amazing...
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