1. K

    media and career forums playing double role

    just reading the article on website which was copied from times of india The article was "IIT JEE 2012 aspirant commits suicide for fear of failure" bad . The other half of the title is "Please understand JEE is not everything" When you will visit this website it will appear...

    Awesome promo by Audio Technica

    Here is something new for all the user of Audio technica who are using Headphone or IEM .It will make you love your product even more & for rest watch below video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Kz12Ijanw
  3. S

    Memory card

    I have one 2 gb micro sd memory card.it is not showing in win 7.but when we go to computer management->disk management,there it shows as a unallocated space and when i format this card it is not possible to format it .it shows that cyclic redundency error.please help me how to recover this 2...
  4. rohan_mhtr

    Best camera phone for around 5.5k

    Hi , i am posting here after a long time . So my age old , beloved SE w810 has gone kaput and i need a new phone to replace it . My priorities are good camera and then the looks . I wont be listening to music on it since i also carry my ipod touch everywhere .It will be good if the cam has a...
  5. cyber


    hey guys try launchy . it is available at downloads.com.it is used to launch any program .it is really col
  6. gauravsuneja

    how to correct installed packeges with umet dependancies

    i tried to install bluemarine on ubuntu it tried to install sun jre but it hangs for 5 hrs while configuring it .since then i am unable to install any thing like any *.deb file it say synaptic is already running and it says E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure...
  7. executioner

    Strange problem

    Hi, I have spiderman the movie game.a strange problem is happening with it.whenever i hit the up key,it starts running and does not stop.if i tap many action keys at a time then it still continues do it .it stops after a long time.my friend also tried it and the saqme thing is happening with...
  8. Q

    virus problem

    i got a new virus named plasama .it first makes folders in evert folder and it dosent get deleated .it infected every exe file and my nottons deleated all exe file .even if i wrieye a cd some how the virus get into that cd also and it also infected my few friends ...what to do???? plz help
  9. A

    rebooting my system whenever insert any linux c.d

    i have compaq presario celron d 845 processor chipset,256 m.b ram 80 g.b hdisk. My problem is whenever i insert any linux for installation and i press enter my p.c will restarted .It Happens with fadora core1,2,3,4,debian,mandrake linux. please give reply if anyone have answer
  10. C

    Problems with FireFox...

    Hello ppl... i recently developed my webpages at geocities.It goes like this www.geocities.com/abhinandan_us . The pages load perfectly on IE but with firefox .It says page not found.All the pages are .html. They involve a few Jscripts and a counter.... please help..
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