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  1. B

    Pay more for Net surfing

    Internet services are likely to get more expensive. Broadband connection users might have to pay more for Internet access if the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommendations to impose an annual licence fee for Internet service providers come into effect. Currently, ISPs pay only Re...
  2. gaurav_indian

    Can we hack our bandwidth?

    I know it may be illegal but can we hack our bandwidth? Atleast we can get for what we have paid.Is it possible?You all know that all ISP's are not giving the speed which they commit.
  3. B

    DDDS - Distributed Denial of Deserved Services

    I think from the below URL's, we are being ripped of our money for broadband services by both, the TRAI and ISP's combined! URL#1 http://www.tiscali.co.uk/products/broadband/home.html?code=ZZ-NL-12LG URL#2 https://www.bethere.co.uk/homebroadband.do The first shows Tiscali, an Italian ISP...
  4. L

    Which Bandwidth Manager ??

    Hi, I my office I have around 100 computers , I have3 ISPs TATA 256 Kps, TATA 512 Kbps and MTNL 2 Mb link. Now I need some thing which will make all these three ISPs as a one locate gateway (I wana merge them in to one .) So if even one link goes down my internet connection for user will...
  5. manas

    Mindless Internet Censorship by the Government

    I am unable to access any blogspot.com blog since yesterday and now I am getting slight hints that it is being blocked in India by some ISP's? Can you access blogspot.com blogs? If yes then what is your ISP,if no then also what is your ISP?
  6. A

    Broadband in coimbatore?!?

    Hey fellas.... I dunno if this is the correct question to ask in here, so I'M sorry if this is not okay... Well, my prob is that I want to get a b/band connection in cbe, but I have no idea which to choose from the various ISP's! So I'll be very thankful if somebody gives me some suggestions...
  7. Ricky

    Making public webserver

    I want a my computer as webserver, but problem is that Iam on private IP ie I am on My ISP's LAN . So guys is ther any way I can configure webserver on my computer ?
  8. G


    Was there any article in digit about the various ISPs offering broadband? If yes, cld ne one tell me which issue of digit was it? If no, then why doesn't digit carry an article on these ISPs and their offerings? Why can't there be an article in digit giving us all kinds of info: the tariffs...
  9. P

    Does ISP's pay according to Data usage?

    I have a query that whether ISP's have to pay someone according to Data usage :?: or they limit subscriber usage to protect their network congestion. :roll:
  10. C

    HELP!!! want to merge two RF links as it is one

    i ve got two radio frequency links from two different ISP's.....both hv bandwidth of 64 kbps....and the both isp's hv given two different ip pools.....how can i use them in such a way that they act as they r one and not two links......i hv to connect some odd 50 computers of our LAN to the...
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