1. B

    Not able to copy discs

    Hi Guys, I was trying to copy a disc with Ubuntu in a Windows XP Pc using Nero. But I am getting this error after the disc is copied in the system- http://oi63.tinypic.com/dowil0.jpg The original disc is a Mmore disc. I tried copying in Mmore's disc itself along with Sony's blank disc but I...
  2. A

    Debian - Checksums

    Hi! I wanted to try out Debian GNU/Linux as a Live CD. So, I downloaded the .iso file for amd64 arch that came with xfce desktop through a torrent. I downloaded the torrent from Debian's website. All I'm downloading is a single .iso image file under the name...
  3. pulkitpopli2004

    how to install fedora 13 from Digit DVD

    I have a DVD from digit in which fedora live .iso file is there.. i opened that file using Daemon Tools.. bt again there are several .iso file.. have somebody tried installing fedora from that cd?? Can anyone assist me regarding its installation?
  4. rameeze

    how to install Ubuntu

    I have downloaded file for ubuntu but it is in .iso format how can i install it
  5. saqib_khan

    Can i make .iso files from nero?

    I have nero 7 essentials, which came with my dvd writer. I want to make image files with it, but can't find any option to do so. So, i think nero doesn't have facility to make .iso files, and if some of u know than pls tell me how to do it.:-o
  6. P

    .daa bootable like .iso files?

    I have a .daa file-Can i burn this file onto CD and get a bootable CD (like .iso file). or should i extract it with powerIso and convert it into .iso file to get a bootable cd. ---------------- Listening to: Al DiMeola - Race With Devil On Spanish Highway via FoxyTunes
  7. Dark Star

    .iso in Linux?

    How o burn .iso in Linux .. to make a bootable Cd/DVD.. I downloaded ISO of PC Linux :D but unable to make Cd bootable via gnome baker or default maker :( Help plz :D
  8. P


    What is .iso file. I heard that it is some kind of cd image?? I have 1 file of .iso extension, but how can i open it??? PLEASE help!
  9. M

    how to merge 5 .iso files to make one single DVD

    plz suggest how to merge 5 .iso cds of fedora core 3 (i have got with the book "Fedora Core 3") into a single DVD.
  10. desertwind

    .nrg to .iso

    I got a .nrg file recently. I'm using FC4 as my OS and K3B as my burner. Is there any way to burn .nrg files using K3B ? or is there any way to convert .nrg to .iso ?
  11. V

    Knoppix without CD?

    hi guyz, i want 2 download knoppix3.9, but i have older knoppixes... I would like to know how i could run knoppix with burning the .iso file? I have XP SP2 and SuSe Linux 9.1 Is there a way?
  12. godsownman

    .ISO file

    How can one use a .ISO file. The other day I downloaded a .iso file but unfortunately I cannot use it. Thanks
  13. W

    Wanted:Funda about .iso format

    Hi, Maybe this topic was discussed earlier. But can anybody gimme the Funda about .iso format. Thanks en avance
  14. The Incredible

    How to execute linux files with .iso extention

    Hi Friends! I joined just now & this is my first query, And just wanted to know that how can I run the Linux Installation files with .iso extension. Plz Help me. Thanks in advance. :roll:
  15. T

    How to burn a Linux CD from .iso file downloaded form net

    sir i downloaded "KNOPPIX_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN.iso" from internet so that i could burn it and make a Live CD. It is the latest version of the knoppix linix. It works only from the CD Drive(its a live CD)But I dont know how to extract this .iso file in to a CD. Please help
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