1. V

    Suggestions for download manager

    I had been using Download accelerator plus for quite a long time now. But it is getting more and more bloated on every new version. On a recent install on a friend's PC, I saw that installation of Speedbit search toolbar is mandatory for the installation to continue. :evil: I need suggestions...
  2. T

    ICICI payseal method

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to integrate the ICICI payseal method in OScommerce platform
  3. digitoman

    How to integrate image to mp3 file

    I ripped some files to mp3 from a music cd I bought recently.I have also scanned the cd covers and saved it in my computer.Now I want to integrate the cd front cover with every file so that they appear in the visualization pane everytime I play the files.Please help.
  4. M

    Windows OS + Service Packs = One CD/DVD Possible

    Now Installing Windows OS (XP and Vista) with latest service packs is now possible. Now whats surprise in this? Well the surprise is that instead of installing both OS and Service Packs Individually, you can now integrate both of them in a single CD/DVD. With the latest release of...
  5. Ecko

    Integrating SP3

    I need silent installers for DirectX 7 posibbly .net framework 1 & 2 and Internet Explorer 7 that i can integrate into my SP3 CD Please anyone who can locate ....!!!
  6. T

    Queries regarding UBCD

    Q1. How can I integrate PuppyLinux with Ultimate BootCD. I tried the solution given at UBCD forum but if I follow that the cd doesn't boot at all. Q2.How can I configure it to be password protected? Q3. Is it possible to integrate more than one portable OS with it?
  7. trublu

    Which is the best download manager?

    The title says it all.Please tell me which is the best download manager available. It should be able to integrate itself into opera.
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    Integrate Softwares On XP

    Hiiiiiiiiii...............Can u plzzzzz tell me how to integrate softwares (such as IE7, WMP11, Windows Blinds etc..) on XP installation CD..........????
  9. bajaj151

    Integrate SP1 into Vista DVD

    How can I integrate SP1 and other softwares into vista that it acts like unattended....??
  10. ankushkool

    flash in powerpoint???

    how can i integrate my flash animation in ppt slides? is it possible 2 integrate vedio?
  11. R

    INDIA, iMac Is Here :D

    Earlier we reported that new iMacs have been released and now here we have it. iMac is finnaly here in India. The iMacs come in two variants of 20 and 24 inches, enclosed in glass and aluminum enclosers. Besides this they are powered with Intel Core 2 Duo processors and integrate iLife’08, and...
  12. dare_devil

    how integrate office 2003 with Windows XP installation CD

    hello friends..... i want to integrate office 2003 with Windows XP installation cd. can u help me. can i also integrate other software like winAMP, avast, microsoft windows defender with Windows XP installation cd???
  13. J

    Problem with NLite

    I tried Nlite for the first time to create a Win XP Cd/DVD with all hot fixes, drivers etc. I used genuine XP. I was able to integrate autopatcher but integrating drivers seem impossible. I had copied all drivers like chipset, graphics, audio, monitor etc. to the D drive and had used them at the...
  14. ashfame

    Blogger help

    Q1> How can i change the font of Title Post in my blog? Q2> How can i make my blog to show only portions of posts & have a "Read Full / Read More" Button like many other bloggers have? Q3> How can I integrate RSS Feed for my BLOG (This One in Details coz i dont have much idea about Feeds)...
  15. Thor

    Complier with Notepad++

    Hi ... I generally use DevCPP for my CPP Program compiling. Recently I came across NOTEPAD++ I really like this editor... Is there any way to integrate this editor with compilers like MiniGW ? Notepad++ has inbuilt support for C++...
  16. desh2s

    windows XP bootable CD

    Hi all, I want to create windows xp bootable cd with all the patches and drivers installed. I tried to integrate the sp2 with windows and became successful.:D But when I tried to integrate nvidia and soundmax drivers I was not at all successful at this point.:( So I want a solution for...
  17. M

    windows 98 se update

    i want all the updates for windows 98se in one place since sp1 so that ican integrate it-where to get it. thanks in advance
  18. Y

    integrate photoshop

    how can we integrate softwares like photoshop, reason,winxip etc while winxp intallation using nlite or other winxp botable cd makers?
  19. Gaurav

    Integrating service pack in office

    Hi all, How can i integrate Service pack 2 (Microsoft office 2003 pro) in my original office CD. Is it possible bcos the CD contains some sort of protection. will it be legal to integrate sp2 in office and keep it for personal use. please throw some light. thanks using windows xp pro...
  20. srikrsna

    Is there any way to integrate softwares with windows XP SP2

    Help Me
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