1. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Industrial Designer as a Career: Suggestions please

    hey... chk this out: Sounds something perfect for me :D Can anyone please guide me abt it... whz da scope in this field, career options, pay, which institutes in India and wht degree/courses are best? Is it safe or not? thx...
  2. M

    Whattz ur plan?

    ... a place to discuss your career plans. What do you want to be? I'll start. I want to be a video game tester. it'll be fun & cool... Are there any courses or institutes that i can join?
  3. P

    training institute in bangalore

    Hi; I have just finished my B.Tech course. I would like to do some course in either .NET or java. Which one is better? And what are some good institutes in bangalore?
  4. C

    C, C++, Python training institutes in mumbai

    Hi I wanted to know if there are any good C, C++, Python training institutes in mumbai which can teach these specific languages right from the basics to the advance levels ? Waiting for ur replies caveman :smile:
  5. nitish_mythology

    Career: Mercahnt Navy

    Hey guys.. Can anybody inform me about the deadlines fr submitting the forms of various Merchant Navy institutes. I dont hv much info and dont hv any councellors around!
  6. P

    game developing courses!!!

    hey, buddies... can you tell me some institutes that offer game developing maharashtra... which institutes offer best game developing courses!!!... can u tell me a bit about gaming???... i wanna become a game developer... what shoud i learn!!!... can you tell me the names (author)...
  7. sagardani

    Please suggest me.......

    i apologise if i've posted in wrong section i want to know some good animation teaching institutes in india.. is there any pro or amature animator here?? please help..
  8. iinfi

    any one knows abt ABAP

    does anyone know abt ABAP and wat are the chances of getting a good job for a fresh BSc IT graduate doing a course on ABAP? the course costs 40K i believe n there are quite a few institutes offerring such courses. any one in this line who can throw more light on it?? more info...
  9. F

    Learn Game Graphics Programming in India!

    Hello! A new institute has opened that teaches real-time 3D Graphics Engine development. It's one of the very few institutes offering this course. Find more info at Cheers, fb.
  10. ax3

    information abt Game industry ! ! !

    anybody is into this gamming industry ??? want 2 know more abt it ... how do u enter into this field ??? dont want 2 join any institutes, as over here they don`t know wot 2 teach ... have visited many institutes ... anybody with information plz do let me know ...
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