1. Desmond

    Alternative/Underground Indian music artists

    As the title says, this thread is dedicated to quality Indian artists who make music not for money or fame, but as a means of genuine expression. Post and discuss stuff from your favourite Indian artists. However, only discussions regarding alternative or underground artists will be entertained...
  2. anmolksharma

    Android app making - need ideas!

    I Need to take part in an android app making competition. Any innovative app ideas which are still not on playstore?
  3. Zangetsu

    Innovative Gadgets/Devices Thread

    Hi All :wave: we come across so many new innovative gadgets/devices so please share your bit of info here (when u get any ;)) like this I have come across is awesome... HYT H1 Titanium | HYT it cost almost 27lacs
  4. H

    Indian police vision-2025

    Hi friends... I just want ur opinion/ ideas or views to improve police system... Weather it may be traffic, home guards,armed reserve or general police.. Please send your ideas how our indian police should be in the year 2025..
  5. Desmond

    Steve Wozniak believes that Microsoft now more innovative than Apple, worried.

    Source PS: I have not seen the video since I am downloading something. Will see later.
  6. K

    Top 20 Innovative Games from 1989 to 2009

    Hi All, Game is about innovation. Innovation in design, innovation in user experience , innovation in graphics and innovation in game play elemnts. The Gamepro has come up with top 20 innovative games from 1989 to 2009. Check the link below. Top 20 Innovative Games 1989 to 2009 | Karthick...
  7. confused

    Need suggestions on what to buy in the US

    Hi friends, a relative of mine is visiting from the US and offered to get me anything i require.:grin: Now initially i thought of getting a cheap netbook/notebook from there. But apparently he already is carrying a macbook pro.:-( Since only one laptop per person is duty free, i need to think of...
  8. the.kaushik

    Copy the look and feel of any site and add your innovative touch to it

    This is an old tutorial which i wrote long back and today while i was going through my archive posts I came across it. I thought of posting it here as i do with many of my tutorials. This should help some of the new web designers and help them create something innovative. While some may...
  9. darklord

    My New DICE Pot

    Ok so i had made a very ghetto copper pot for DICE, although it was ghetto, it did pretty well for Dual Cores but thats about it.I always knew from the beginning that this was going to my trial pot and i will need to move on to something better.Whatever things i observed with this pot, i tried...
  10. gxsaurav

    PC World names the 25 Most Innovative Products of the Year

    Source PC World has put together a top 25 list of the most innovative products of the year 2007, noting the “Innovation”, the “Benefit” and a brief overview of each. All entries on the list are somehow tech-related and all are available either in-store or online right now. I personally can’t...
  11. gary4gar

    What you Did to your Super L key(window key)

    Most keyborads have a windows key in them, but in linux this key lies unmapped who what you guys did to your windows key post your innovative ideas i made it as a luncher to linux's core the mighty terminal:p
  12. nepcker

    Apple “Most Innovative Company” for Third Year in a Row

    The 50 Most Innovative Companies BusinessWeek teamed with the Boston Consulting Group to find out which companies are the most innovative in the eyes of senior executives. For the third year in a row, the design-driven masters in Cupertino, Calif., lead the pack of creative firms on our list...
  13. aryayush

    Apple is most innovative company — Fortune

    Tuesday, 06 March 2007Apple is most innovative company — Fortune Apple is the most innovative company and America's leading retailer, report claims Jonny Evans Apple has been named as the number-one most-admired company for innovation by Fortune magazine. The annual Fortune report also...
  14. JGuru

    Foresight Linux!!

    Foresight Linux is a Distribution which showcases some of the latest and greatest from GNOME. Some of the things that may not be mature enough for some of the other distros. Some of the more innovative things are included, like beagle, f-spot, avahi (zeroconf), and the latest hal. All of this...
  15. D

    help me in my Graduation Project........

    dear friends, First of all wish all of you a very "HAPPY NEW YEAR". This year i will be completing my BCA. so, i want to make Graduation Project. Can any help me with some good and innovative topics , I am not at all interested in automation...
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