1. E

    Android-based Text File Search Engine

    Please suggest me a free app for my Android cellphone [Asus A450CG] that can index and display results from inside Spreadsheets [XLS, XLSX] that I have on my SD Card. I tried out 'Andro Search'. It was a total fail, bloatware, resource-hog, that not only did not index content from inside...
  2. ico

    [Reference] Section Thread Index AMD
  3. J

    alternate option for fixing avi index?

    can anybody tell me the alternate option for fixing avi index which vlc player shows for a broken avi file....and it takes too much time for fixing it..:sad:
  4. thetechfreak

    Post your Windows 7 Experience Index score here!

    Hi everyone! Please post screenshots with your Windows Experience Index here/ And it will be also good if you post your System specs. Here is my score - and my PC specs- AMD Phenom II x4 840 @3.2 GHz ASUS M4A78LT-M LE 4 GB DDR 3 RAM @1333 Mhz Palit 9500 Gt So now...
  5. sygeek

    Cloak of Invisibility leaning towards reality

    “Transparent” photonics chip may lead to faster networks and cloaks of invisibility
  6. FilledVoid

    Android Applications and their Reviews.

    With the amazing growth of Android Phones I think it would be a good idea to review some of the applications available for the platform. As of now Ill just lay out an index as each person updates the thread. However please when you make a review please include a rank sheet based on the...
  7. Jaskanwar Singh

    forum problem

    i can't see the list of members who are online neither at the bottom of the threads nor at the index page. why?
  8. phanisrinivas

    Acer 5740 - Experience index

  9. a_to_z123

    Vista Experience Index NOT > 5.9 ???

    Hey guys, Recently I purchased a PC with the following config. The thing which I want to ask is that, my Windows Vista Experience Index is 5.9. It is the same for everything, viz. HDD, Processor, Graphics, etc. as it is determined by the lowest subscore. I want to know, is that the...
  10. Faun

    Joomla can be more friendly for hackers too !!!

    For 1 week my net connection was down ! And today when I opened my blog (, I found that the index page was altered by some hacker. One thing is sure that same guy hacked into other users having Joomla installed. I too has version 1.5.8 but never used it (someone else
  11. iMav

    WordPress Theme Messed Up

    I did nothing. Nothing at all. No new plugins installed. Didn't even go into the Theme Editor for days yet, today the the side bar on the index page is messed up. The post page seems fine but the index page is messed up at the bottom. Any suggestions? What is being shown now: What should be...
  12. hansraj

    how to link files in a cd

    I am planning to make a cd with various files i.e. doc, pdf, html, mht, txt, jpg with an index. But unable to link them for the cd. Linking on the hard disk with a complete path is a piece of cake but I am uanble to find the method to give a relative path for the cd. I am making index in html.
  13. dheeraj_kumar

    Suggest a fast File Indexing Software

    I've tried the so called "branded" desktop search programs, including microsoft's, google, nero, and something else. No thank you, I said. I've tried Turbo Searcher, its very good, but I didnt like it clearing its file cache every comp restart. So if I wanted to look for a file immediately...
  14. iMav

    The Ballmer Mood Index

    have look at this: this is ballmer's mood index for the 2 week deadline given to yahoo: Understanding the Steve Ballmer Mood Index (SBMI) Frustrated: May or may not include chair-throwing, depending on whom you believe. Intense: Characterized by repetition of words for emphasis. ("...
  15. R

    More RAM Decreased Performance ???

    ive been running my 8800 gtx, with a 320 gb WD Hd, Asus P5b Mobo, intel e6400 2.13 ghz, and 2 gb of OCZ PC 6400 800mhz ram ... the 3dmark 06 score i was getting with this was 8919 .... i bought another gig of exactly the same OCZ ram and since then ive been getting about 8600 3d marks, also in...
  16. gurujee

    why google unable to find my .info domain

    Hi all I recently made a website with .info ( but after so many attempts to include in google's index, i kind of failed. I have added the url in, also submitted sitemap but after two complete days, google still havent included it in its index. Whats the...
  17. S

    Forum Posting problem in Firefox

    Hi guys, I have a problem posting in Firefox. Whenever I post a reply or start a thread, I have "the following code" being added to each post. Searched the NET over this problem. Some say its a problem with vBulletin. But no one has given a proper solution. Let me know the solution guys to...
  18. mad1231moody

    Ideas to index

    Hi friends, I hope I am posting in the right section. I am sure that u guys will be able to help me in this case. I am having a project on search-engine. Same as the windows search engine, it should search loacal files on the hard disk. Now I have no clue as to how to create an index (database)...
  19. J

    Need Advice!!!!!

    I am having Pentium IV 2.8 HT Processor and 915 GAV Motherboard. I like to upgrade my motherboard as the said motherboard is making too much noises when i run any software or play game. I am fond of games. So suggest me a good motherboard or any other idea. And dealer in Chandigarh which can...
  20. anandk

    Raise Your Windows Vista Experience Index ... with a Tweak !!!

    When you first install and run Windows Vista, it will calculate your Windows Experience Index score to evaluate your computer's speed and graphics capabilities. Rt-click on Computer and click on Properties. Here you will get to see your machines Windows Experience Index ! My hpdv6226us shows...
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