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  1. rohitshakti2

    Recovery of Deleted Partition

    Hi friends I am having a 1TB seagate internal HDD which is nearly 4 years old and was working fine till now. But in the last few months two of my partitions got deleted automatically and became unallocated. The partition size was nearly 225 gb in each of them. These 2 partitions were...
  2. C

    What is the importance of output buffering in PHP?

    Hello buddy, I would like to know what is the importance of “output buffering in PHP”?
  3. go4saket

    Recover Sent Mails from Gmail Server?

    Hello friends! I am on Win XP using Outlook Express to access my emails. Today I accidently deleted all my sent mails and then compacted all folders thereby automatically deleting the backup of sent mail also. As those mails are of high importance to me, is there a way to download all those...
  4. S

    sports anybody

    Got time to play sports. Anybody here???? Tell if you are like amatuer/ expert etc. We don't want to be a bag of diseases. Do we??? Sports is a good way to keep yourself fit and fine. Are u fit or the "Fatty" type? Importance of sports
  5. Kniwor

    Phone around 5k

    Guys please suggest a mobile phone around 5k; the following is to be considered (in order of importance) - Battery life - FM preferred - Web browser - Camera
  6. D

    Todays Education gives Importance to What ?

    Todays Education - Does it give importance to creation of Youths as mere Money-making Machines OR Youths with Sound Human Values and Qualities My view point is that of the first reason because it's all what students at end care about and would sacrifice anything for it (friends...
  7. K

    Which phone is better ?

    HI, i would like to know which phone is better and why among these, W800i W700i K750i Also i know k750iu is quite cheap. So , i know all of these are 2 mp cameras. I give equal importance to both image and sound quality.. PLease suggest me the bestone.
  8. int86

    Wireless headphone

    Suggest me a wireless headphone. I share my room with my grandfather. Price should be -1k or less. Either rechargeble or uses AA size battery. Preferbly working on radio frequency.(as bluetooth is costly and limited range). More importance is on cost than sound quality. Please no intex. R there...
  9. william

    Need Advice

    guys please tell me to which one to choose between Microsoft Visual basic and c++. Also which one has the more importance and which language has the future.
  10. B

    message at startup

    dear friends at the time of starting my computer{os windows xp}I come across the following information displayed in a notepad file [.ShellClassInfo] LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21787 what is the importance of this information.will anyone kindly...
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