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Networking fundamentals needed

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I would like to know the basics of networking and how they are implemented in linux. the latter part i can find in tldp.org, but they all start off with " TCPIP is a protocol that is implemented by..." . hell, i dont know what a protocol is.. :oops: i guess you get the point. something that starts of from the bare minimum..... explains what terms like gateway, subnet mask, etc. are in normal english. can you suggest any resources where i can get these things?

and is lfy the only linux mag in india, or are there others?


FooBar Guy
I think you'll have to google it all... i learnt such stuff just like that on my own...

there_is_no_spoon said:
and is lfy the only linux mag in india, or are there others?
Sadly, that's true.... PCQuest also covers a lot of topics related to Linux networking and related stuff... but they're not dedicated.


In the zone
Yes GNUrag is right , all you need to know just google it,
but be sure what u want to search, if u don't want all TCP/IP stuff then just don't search for words like
rather then search for thinks like setting up network or like this u'll get it,

coz basically networking is all about protocols so if u r not searching for what u want u r searching wrong,

secondly only dedicated linux mag if LFY
PCQ also cover some but not a dedicated one.
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