1. S

    Best Super Zoom Camera under14K Urgent!!!

    I need a point and shoot with high optical zoom (>=20x) and good image quality under low light. Please suggest some good cameras in my budget.
  2. ithehappy

    image hosting site with maximum storage capacity

    I used to use Imageshack and then they told me my account was expired or something. Now I use Imgur, and it has a limit of 225 images, and I love this host, and wouldn't be a problem if they made that 24 dollar price permanent but for one year. So may I know if there's any quality image hosts...
  3. Nerevarine

    Dishonored 2 Discussions

    Original source : *
  4. P

    Bootable iso image of Oracle Linux

    Hi, I want to download the bootable version of oracle linux, but they are showing as update1, update2. confused which one to download. Need help to download the image.
  5. N

    [For Sale] Gigabyte g41m combo with intel xeon x3220/intel core 2 quad q6600

    Gigabyte g41m combo with iintel core 2 quad q6600 (lower price) Sale For Gigabyte G41m Combo can give you at 5k for both at local sale if you wanna pick it up selling as a combo only Model number and details: Gigabyte G41m Combo Date of purchase:03/09/2013 Reason for sale:upgrading...
  6. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] Camera For Taking Machinery Pictures.

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a camera under 5k which will be used to click images of Machinery parts and office work. doesn't need any extra outstanding image quality just like home users features simple point and click thing. Thanks.
  7. ajayritik

    Need a UPS

    My Back UPS ES 500 is no longer working. Hence need to get a new UPS. image upload Can someone suggest a good model?
  8. sksundram

    Xolo q800 image viewer problem

    This is the image i took screenshot of in Firefox mobile browser Now you see the clarity here.. It's very very good..but i saved the same image and when opened it in the default image viewer i got this This one is of below par quality... Why it is so and what can I do to remove this problem..
  9. N

    Software for Cloning hard drive.

    Dear Friends, Kindly suggest a Good Software for Clonining the Hard drive / making image of the hard drive. I Want to make image of one hard drive of 2 tb capacity. Regards Neelesh S
  10. masterkd

    Need a camera within 15K

    I need a camera within 15k And I accept I am noob in cameras I searched a little bit and shortlisted SX 240 but also open for other suggestions Please help me to get one. Thanks in advance. What's your budget? Rs. 15000 Camera type? DSLR or Point and Shoot Advanced Point and Shoot Body...
  11. A

    i am not able to convert image file to text

    i am having many ocr softwares , but none of them helped me to convert my jpeg image to text i used free ocr software, top ocr software, but it didn't help
  12. anirbandd

    IDM/Script for dl'ing images from image hosting sites

    Hi all, i need to download some pictures from image hosting sites. i know about IDM site grabber. the problem is that the image is embedded in a second page, from the thumbnail page. how do i configure IDM to download the pics, all at once?? or maybe a script?? i tried configuring the...
  13. vijju6091

    Help Needed Samsung galaxy Note Not behaving well

    Hiiii My Friend's Galaxy Note is not behaving well, Let me tell you what happen, Day before yesterday he Tried To download Images from a mail (Gmail), In notification Bar Image downloading Was coming but Image did not get download. Now In notification Bar the The same message Is Coming From...
  14. R

    software to create screenshot in GIF image format

    Hi all, i am searching for software to record screen for 4 to 5 seconds to create animated image in gif format. please suggest me free software for that. Thnks, RAHUL
  15. soyab0007

    [Urgent] Edit/Enter text in Image (Jpg) File

    Is there any way to Edit/enter text in above image file in word/excel? I want to create a sale invoice at the earliest and find the above template from google but unable to edit the contents in it..
  16. harshilsharma63

    need good image processing tutorial using c++

    The title says it all. It should also include ways of displaying image, not just manipulating it.
  17. quagmire

    Nokia Lumia 1020 launched with 41-megapixel camera

    * * Lumia 1020 specs: 4.5-inch AMOLED PureMotion HD+ display 1280x768 HD screen and 16:9 aspect ratio Nokia's Clear Black filter for cutting down outdoor glare...
  18. quan chi

    [For Sale] New WD 250GB HDD.

    The product has recently returned from RMA. I have not opened the sealed pack yet. Here are the details. Product Name: WD 250GB HDD SATA Expected Price: Rs 2200 Rs1900 (shipping included) Time of Purchase: Around may 2012 Remaining Warranty period: Yes around 10 months. Purchase Invoice...
  19. D

    Windows xp Right click error

    hello digitians i've installed windows xp(OEM) on my netbook. but im facing this problem .when i right click or double click on hdd partition some chinese character is displayed instead of open . plz see the error in attached image. solution will be highly appreciated. Image - TinyPic -...
  20. F

    To Decrypt

    My friend gave me a challenge, there is a message in this Image below, it is in ASII. I don't know how to do it, I dropped by here to ask here if anyone can do it? Clue 1: It is on the top line , i.e first 368 pixels. Clue 2: It is from ASCII table. I tried and converted the 368...
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