Audio Technica anc33is reviews and IM 50 like IEM suggestions


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Hi Ppl
TL;DR: My old (4yo) and awesome audio technica IM 50 was stolen. Now I am searching for another similar IEM with, may be, better noise cancellation.

I generally code in office and put on my earphones all day to turn away noise from an open office. I listen to epic music or movie scores. I would really like to buy IM50 again but it's INR 8k now and would like more noise cancellation.
  1. Although I am comparing orange and apple here, but does "Audio Technica QuietPoint ANC33iS" sound similar to IM50 ( controlled base, excellent mid and lows )?
  2. Can "Audio Technica QuietPoint ANC33iS" reduce noise from sources like chatter or loud laughter from few meters away?
  3. Can you people suggest an IEM around 6k ( with active noise cancellation is a plus). If you have something in mind with extremely similar sound signature and know to annihilate noice from office chatter upto 70%+ then I can go upto 15k.
Any help here would be really appreciated
Thanks a lot
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