1. J

    JioFi vs alternatives

    Hi Friends, I'm thinking of getting JioFi. Or something very similar(cheap/reasonable). Does anyone have experience in this case ? Is there any good competition for JioFi from other carriers like !dea,Vodafone,Airtel,Tata or others ? (Google wont give me much on this one) I've been searching...
  2. tkin

    Reliance JioFi2 Mini Review

    Device: Reliance JioFi 2 Portable Wifi hotspot Cost: 2899/- Benefits: 3 months free data+free calls+free sms. Box contents: One router, one 2300 mah battery, one power brick, one usb cable. Pros: Looks: The new wifi router is a small, pebble shaped device, you can check the pics...
  3. bajaj151

    Help: Hotspot to DDWRT

    I was using BSNL broadband & downloading the files in Pen drive connected to Asus RTn13u (DD WRT) but now I bought myself lyf handset. How to configure router so that I am able to download in pen drive through lyf handset hotspot.
  4. I

    Unable to access internet on mobile through Virtual Router!

    Hello Friends! I was using TPLINK Router but it's out of order and gone for replacement which will take 15-20 days for the new piece to arrive! So, I tried Virtual Router and Connectify named softwares in my laptop for creating a WIFI Hotspot so that I can access the internet on my mobile but...
  5. meetdilip

    Hotspot software

    Any good one to start a hotel wiif hotspot ?
  6. patkim

    Can two PCs be networked using mobile hotspot

    Using a router I am able to connect my PC & laptop over the LAN IP addresses. I wish to achieve the same using mobile hotspot. Is it possible? When I create a hotspot on my android mobile and connect my PC and laptop to it, each receives dynamic IP address. However pinging each other or...
  7. R

    How to monitor data usage of individual devices connected to my laptop via hotspot?

    I share Internet through my laptop via hotspot, and I would to know how much each connected devices use so that I can notify them if they exceed the limit or even block them from further hogging my data... Thank You!!
  8. R

    Problem in lumia 520 net acess using elementary os wifi hotspot

    Last few days I am using elementary os as my secondary os along with windows 7.After spending some time I could manage to install few software and still I could not create wifi hotspot in my Lenovo b490 laptop to access internet in my lumia 520.Can anybody guide me to complete this task.I...
  9. sandynator

    Cheapest 3G mobile phone with WiFi Hotspot Feature

    Guys my Asus Zenfone 5 is in service centre for screen replacement & in such situations I need to get a spare phone which could have 3G with WiFi Hotspot feature. No flashy features required & bar type phone is most preferred. Filling up the questionnaire now... 1. Budget? A: As low as...
  10. E

    Micromax MMX 440W Router for WiFi Hotspot

    I have not been able to configure Micromax Router MMX 440W to set up WiFi hotspot for Airtel 3G Dongle based on Huawei Model E3531s-1. Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    wifi routing

    can anyone tell me a working software for wifi hotspot in windows 8.1 or steps ?!!!!:|:|:|
  12. K

    Wireless Network Adapter Issues on Acer Aspire 5755G

    I bought the laptop in 2011 and haven't had any issues with the wi-fi net connection till yesterday. The connection suddenly dropped and the wi-fi controls on the laptop simply stopped responding. I tried reinstalling the broadcom drivers specified in the acer website but the laptop simply...
  13. mati17

    How to make Wifi Hot Spot

    Dear Forum, I have a PC which is connected via cable for internet (Ethernet). I have a laptop with wifi enabled. Now, my question is what hardware shud i use to make my PC a wifi hotspot so that I can use net on my laptop also... Please advice !!! Thanks
  14. B

    Hotspot shield error

    Hi Guys My LAN used to disconnect everytime I started HSS on my computer. I followed the instructions from here Hotspot Shield Problems Fixing: Hotspot Shield Disconnecting Internet After Installation (FIX). HSS worked fine, I logged in using the username and password and as soon as my...
  15. A

    always enable interent sharing

    I have an ethernet based internet connection, available in my college. I often create a hotspot. To enable internet sharing on that hotspot, i have to repeatedly open ethernet settings from network and sharing center, and enable internet sharing. Is there way by which i dont have to...
  16. D

    Mobile under 5k for wifi Hotspot Tethering

    Hello friends.. Happy to recover my id on forum again. I am heavy user of 3G net. But my primary network provider has hiked rates for 3G browsing. I would like to use primary sim for calling feature and wanted to grab a BSNL sim for 3G access. I'm using Sammy Galaxy SII and it is single sim...
  17. nvrmndryo

    Not able to connect to hotspot via connectify or ad-hoc in windows 8.1

    I upgraded to windows 8.1 . After that I am not able to connect via hotspot. I share my wired broadband via wifi dongle using Connectify me , but yesterday after upgrading to windows 8.1 I am unbale to connect to wifi . Everything shows ok , connectify created hotspot etc but When I try to...
  18. M

    urgent question from a newbie

    If an android phone has Wi-Fi Hotspot tethering then is it necessary that phone has also USB tethering.
  19. V

    Help needed about WiFi.

    Hi guys.. I need a small help.. Just I will post my question directly.. What is the way of converting a LAN internet connection to WiFi Hotspot..? I mean what is the name of the device that takes LAN connection as Input and gives WiFi hotspot as Output..
  20. K

    wifi+ bluetooth for desktop

    I have a desktop. i want to use WiFi,Bluetooth on it, and to create wifi hotspot through it.... What are requirements for this?
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