1. raksrules

    Going to Canada, need a prepaid conn for 2 mnths, Please Help !!!

    I am going to Mississauga, Canada for two months. Since it is for a short period, i cannot take a postpaid mobile connection there. Can anyone please help me as to what type of prepaid connections are available there and which one should i go for? Any help in terms of pointers or links or any...
  2. S

    .Net And Ajax

    Hi all, How can I implement Ajax in asp.net 2.0 application. I will highly appreciate your feed back. Thanks in advance.
  3. revolt

    very strange and irritating crash in blood money.please help.

    Blood Money is crashing(returns to desktop without any warning) whenever I try to "throw" or "drop" anything in the You Better Watch Out... mission (default key g). For example, throwing the coin to distract guards or setting down a sausage cause an instant crash. This problem has proved to be...
  4. M

    G700 or W890 oe N73 ME - which is the best? Plz help...

    Hi guys, need to buy a phone within 14k.... have zeroed in on these after some research.... am really confused, ur valuable inputs will be highly appreciated...
  5. virus_killer

    How to install Keylogger remotely ?

    Guys, My question is pretty simple , How do i install keylogger in a Desktop PC situated in different country ? I know its not hard to install the application if you have physical access over that PC. but what if you don't ? That PC is connected to Internet though. Any reply would be...
  6. raksrules

    [HELP] Best/Cheapest way to call US ??

    Which is the best/cheapest way to call US ? Please suggest.:confused: Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
  7. virus_killer

    Where is boot.ini file?

    Techies, I want to delete some entries from boot.ini file , but i could not find out boot.ini file in vista. can you please tell me where is that file? any reply would be highly appreciated. Thank You
  8. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Flash Mp3 player for your Site/Blog !

    ok check this out download from here ! Visit the source ! ;) PS : x10hosting highly unreliable , if you can't view live ! plz check out screen shot then !
  9. H

    CD Rom Malfunction

    I have both CD Rom and CD RW drives on my comp and both are about 5 yrs old so they malfunction sometimes. That is they will not read sometimes and give out a message Drive does not exist or the CD RW will not write etc etc.. Now, is there a fix for these problems like a lens cleaner etc ...
  10. A

    Help me decide a phone - HTCs710,Imate Sp5m, Nokia E62/61/61i, Nokia 70/72/73/73me, N

    Requirements : Must have : Call :-) (sorry datacards) Netsurfing on phone (HTML and not WAP) (must have edge and gprs) : - Email sites : yahoo , MSN , gmail , rediff.... - banking sites : icici , hdfc , hsbc .... - Messengers : yahoo , msn , gtalk...(agile messenger??)...
  11. eddie

    Opera releases v9.21: Fixes highly critical vulnerability

    Opera has just released version 9.21 of its desktop product, Opera Internet Browser, thus fixing a security vulnerability in its BitTorrent Engine. The vulnerability was reported by laFlecha on May 03, 2007 and is categorized as "Highly Critical" by Secunia. There is no known work around to...
  12. blademast3r


    Hi guys ne1 playin gunz here? i jus started playin yesterday and its gr8....highly recommended for every1....
  13. A

    Broadband in coimbatore?!?

    Hey fellas.... I dunno if this is the correct question to ask in here, so I'M sorry if this is not okay... Well, my prob is that I want to get a b/band connection in cbe, but I have no idea which to choose from the various ISP's! So I'll be very thankful if somebody gives me some suggestions...
  14. R

    used mobiles

    Is there any shop in chennai that sell used mobile phones?Any information on this will be highly appreciated Thanks
  15. N

    Configuring Startup Options

    hi i have dual boot up on my system....havin win 98 and win XP....there is this screen wich cums when i start my pc askin me to select d OS which i want 2 run....i wanted to ask if anyone knows how to configure the settings of this screen? your help will be highly appreciated! THANKS! nitish
  16. R

    Batman Bgins game released

    [color=darkblue]hey guys, with the movie released it is double celebration time as its game is also in the making :P :P :P . Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are co-publishing the game based on the highly anticipated film. hv a look at the game's screenshots:-...
  17. T

    ISO issue

    hi, can anyone help me to get the contents that are in ISO format without burning in CD. is there any s/w that directly converts the ISO contents to the original format? i just dont want to waste CD's just to get the files. re is highly anticipitated taken
  18. A

    Immediate Help Required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi! can anyone of you please tell me how to crack the following game: FI 2001 BY EA SPORTS i would be highly oblidged. plzzzzzzzzz
  19. A


    Hi! can anyone tell me how to change the description under the username? please, i would be highly oblidged! bye
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