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  1. siddharthx64

    Requesting a new System Config for High End Gaming and Workstation

    Guys, please bear with me here. I was (still am) a real PC nerd, but have lost touch with the hardware world since the last 3 years (Masters Studies tend to do that to you). I don't really know what is the best config to go for today. The last time I considered myself Knowledgeable, Sata2 was...
  2. Imperial_Raj

    Previous PC idea dropped; getting a new one now. Need your help and suggestions.

    Hello everyone! First of all, sorry for staying away from the forum for this long a time. Actually, for my summer vacations, we had a trip to Agra. Now for the real thing. While returning, we had a visit to one of my aunt's home in Aligarh and I once again visited the A.M.U. This time...
  3. A

    Efficiency of PSU

    Hi guys I am posting this thread just for increase knowledge about PSU. The regular power supply comes with the cabinet are very cheap compare to the high-end PSU. Why? The regular 450W PSU is around 0.5K-0.6K and the same high end more than 2K. Why this difference....? In high-end psu...
  4. savithk

    High-end desktop Speakers

    hello friends iam planing to buy High-end desktop Speakers should i u go for this... Altec Lansing Expressionist ULTRA MX6021 Altec Lansing MX5021 m-audio studiophile av 40 please give me ur suggestion.... :D
  5. solomon_paulraj

    Dual PSU?

    Hi friends, I want to know whether i can use dual PSU for my computer. I have two 400W PSU and want to use it in my system, instead of investing in an high-end PSU which cost a lot, i want to combine my two PSU. 1. Is it possible? :confused: 2. Will it substitute a high-end PSU...
  6. furious_gamer

    Get rid off my Old-PC

    Recently,I upgraded my PC from old Pentium III to a, new LGA775 P IV 3.06GHz-HT Processor,on a Mercury PVM7 Motherboard,512MB DDR400 RAM,80GB ATA.After installing, i entered into dxdiag and i notice the Display Tab.My onboard graphics was S3G Unichrome Pro IGP with only 64MB Memory.As a fan of...
  7. H

    Nvidia G92 will push the limits to 1 TearFlop

    So to compare .. ATI's R600 is like 450 GigaFlop. But in all honesty .. many roads lead to Rome and there are many ways to interpret the measurement of a Gigaflop. According to le Inq NVIDIA says it's G92 high-end graphics card will deliver almost a teraflop of computing performance. In an...
  8. sabret00the

    High-end and gaming Mobos for Intel Core 2 Duo

    Guys let us list the best and most high-end gaming motherboards for Intel Core2Duo that are available in India at this moment.Plz write a little description of the mobo and if possible also provide the prices. I think the one of the best mobos for C2D is Asus P5W DH deluxe which is around...
  9. iinfi

    games for linux???

    do u get high-end games like GTA, NFS etc for Linux OS
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