Need feedback on Xperia Z2



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can u let me more details as on what makes HTC Better.... Cos one of my pals told me to go for it.!!


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Feedback is kinda difficult. Check out some reviews on YouTube and post back what do you think about it.
But I would advise you to wait a bit. Let the prices settle down and then buy it.
Xperia Z2 hands down, from what i observed from comparison videos by , and
The problem i have with the HTC is that no matter how good the pic quality is, its still gonna be 4 mpx. The moment you crop it or zoom it you get more blurs than a picture that comes from a Rs10,000 phone.

It has 2 camera sensors but its such a waste. So far i have seen it benefit in shooting pics at two different focus. A more practical approach would have been to create a faux 3D picture, or let one sensor capture in HDR/High Shutter/Low Shutter etc etc and other in a normal AUTO mode thats a friggin good idea, bloody HTC should hire me XD

Nobody needed Zoe of HTC One M7 and no one will need the second sensor of the HTC One M8


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Advantages of Z2 over HTC One:
*1 Gig extra RAM
*Glass build (Depends on personal preference)
*Noise cancelling headphone already included .

Advantages of HTC one M8 over Z2:
*Sense UI
*Metal (Again , depoends on personal preference)
*Better display ( More contrast)
*Easy to hold as its curved + a little smaller

Thats it, :p
If I missed anything , I apologise

According to me, Z2 wins in the overall segment


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It's a very good phone, with the best mobile camera, with a decent display, with awkwardly huge bezels, and glass built, well nothing to say there, don't know what's the point of using glass! IP67 certification is another advantage IMO.

You can get it for 45k from eBay I think, that is if you have the 3k coupon, which expires tomorrow, *

If I had to choose one I would go for the hTC M8, as I don't use camera on a cell phone that much. And Sense is the lightest UI I have ever seen.



Sorry ?

We're talking about Z2 here not Z1. Z2 has an IPS panel and does NOT washout at any angle.

And the screen is far from "crap". And nor is the M8 screen better this time. Both M8 and Z2 screen are about par.
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