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New External HDD from Amazon Global


Hey Guys,

I am planning to order seagate 6 TB HDD from Amazon global...has anyone ordered from global store yet? Is it safe to order? I know warranty is not applicable but how are other things like packaging and delivery speed? Also, what is the ID proof needed?


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It's safe to order. Delivery will be done by DHL ( these delivery guys sometime may play tricks of demanding customs charges - don't fall for this ) - which is also taken care by amazon most of the time. If delivery guys want custom charge demand to see proper documents which is enough to stop them. If you are charged anything else apart from what you pay at the time of check out you can claim the difference from amazon by showing proper document.


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Delivery may be delayed sometimes so you need to check the status all the time and followup incase the package is stuck anywhere. Chances are it may stuck at US airport or at customs here in India.

Tracking needs to be done on courier agent's website.

ID proof document also needs to be uploaded on their website. They will send link to your mail, so check your spam folder.

And don't pay anything to the courier agent other than paying to Amazon.

Also check for technical specifications in detail such as current/voltage consumption as US and Indian power units are different.

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