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  1. Sanny

    computer keeps restarting itself

    Hi, Whenever i start my computer, i get a blue bios screen with following details: GIGABYTE _ UEFI Dual BIOS (Screen Title) BIOS has been reset - Please decide how to continue (Dialog or popup title) Options: 1.Load optimized defaults then boot (by default highlighted) 2.Load optimized...
  2. T

    Upgrading Laptop Harddrive

    I recently bought a high end Samsung NP550 Laptop (core i17 3610QM, 8GB,GT 650M). But it has a 5400 rpm hard drive which is causing the system to be slow. See my previous post I am looking for upgradation to a fast Harddrive (Not SSD). Can anyone suggest which is the fastest laptop hard drive...
  3. S

    What is wrong with my PC?

    Hello digit community, Would you be so kind to tell me what I should upgrade/what is wrong with my desktop. My desktop is a HP-Pavilion. I bought in 2008, so it's pretty old, but till this day it has survived thus I had my fair share of problems. So I been longing and fantasizing about...
  4. P

    Brand New Sealed Buffalo Ministation 2.5" 500gb Portable HardDrive

    Product Name: Buffalo Ministation 2.5" 500gb Portable HardDrive. Expected Price: Rs 2600 shipped Time of Purchase: April 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Complete 3 Yrs Reason for Sale: Got it as a gift but need money for android. Product Condition: Sealed Brand New...
  5. S

    New 500GB harddrive external..??

    Hi Everyone... I wanna buy new external harddrive of 320GB or 500Gb....please suggest me Which one is da best .....plz suggest da best compny to buy i.e., seagate or wd or hitachi..etc Thanx...
  6. S

    Firefox Addons

    Friends I have a lot of firefox extentions as files but I don't know how to install them in firefox as there is no option to browse from harddrive in there. So please help me in this
  7. K

    External HardDrive

    Hey people, I am looking to buy external harddrive within 2 weeks. And needless to say , i need suggestion regarding the same. Please suggest hard drive from 500 GB to 2 TB. and price range from Rs.3000-8000 . Thanks!
  8. KRISHI101

    Harddrive is not detected,Something RAID problem, Help Me.

    Hello everyone, thank you for your attention. I got serious problem recently. I just start pc normally as i do everytime,but it wouldn't start. The problem is window cant start,because it cant find any harddrive. I have motherboard of VIA/MSI. The problem is shown when pressed 'TAB',it...
  9. D

    Help on upgrading notebook harddrive

    I want to upgrade my laptop harddrive. Please suggest which company is good? I currently have Hitachi 5400 RPM 160GB harddrive. I am upgrading mainly for the capacity. How much capacity should I take and what are their prices? Please help. Also tell me if there's a huge difference in...
  10. T

    read only menace help anybody!!!!

    hey guys iam having a problem wid my hardware or software dunno actually each and every folder in my harddrive is marked read only (the one that cannot be unchecked) when i right click to view properties of them. ive tried all the possible partition types by reformating the HD and have...
  11. H

    Want To Use Linux for gaming(High End)!!My Options ;)

    I want to use linux for gaming.Which version of linux should i use(64bit preferred).I wanna play all games such as COD4,Crysis warhead and upcoming Hell's Highway.And is there an alternative for hamachi? I just have a lot of harddrive space to spare. Will i be able to browse the internet using...
  12. anish_sha

    Urgent help needed pls..

    Frenz, i just bought an 80gb LACIE external harddrive, when i'm trying to copy an dvd nero image file of 4.5gb to the external harddrive, i get the error message, "There's not enought free space available on the disk" where as the disk still has more than 70gb of free space.. Pls help me guys...
  13. J

    Adding A Harddrive Will Affect The Performance ?

    My System Ic Compaq Presario 1105il (amd Athlon Xp 2400+) With 40 Gb Hard Drive. Now I Want To Add One More Harddrive As Slave With 160 Gb Capacity. Will It Affect The Performance Of The System Or Affect The Cooling Effect Of The System? Why I Am Asking This Question Is The System Is A Branded...
  14. chahal63

    xp on usb hard drive

    i have a 40 gb usb harddrive can i install xp sp2 on it:-?
  15. T

    Vista Only in SATA?

    Guys i heard we can enjoy Vista only in SATA based Harddrives!! is that true? Is that true i cant enjoy preview of vista in my system as i dont have SATA harddrive?
  16. R

    Back up your harddrive including the OS

    I want to back up my hard drive(including the xp installation) on a cd/cds such that i could reload it whenever i like to install the os from scratch. I have heard about norton ghost. has anyone done it .? It would be like someone installs the os and then the drivers and the required...
  17. D

    Streaming Video!

    Can anyone please suggest me a software with which I can capture online/streaming video and save it to my harddrive as a file??? Help needed fast.
  18. Krazy_About_Technology

    ATA133 Cable for Harddrive!

    Hi Guys, I have a samsung 80 gb 7200 rpm harddrive. Few days back, i tested my harddrive with official samsung hard drive tool as well as with SiSoft Sandra 2005 and Aida32 Enterprise Edition (Hardware Information and benchmarking tools). All these software reports that my hardrive supports...
  19. M

    formatting dual os harddrive??

    the history : i have Red Hat Linux running on one partition and win xp pro on another in the same harddrive (btw i upgraded from win me to xp about 10 boot ups back). the problem : though i can boot into red hat, xp hits a dead end (it reboots after...
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