1. P

    Is this quote from Azom (1.2 lakhs), worth it?

    Hi guys I've been looking for a gaming laptop for a while now, post-graduation. I havent played a major AAA title in 5 years and now that I'm back in Kolkata and at home, I'd like to kick back and pursue my favourite hobby - hardcore gaming. Budget: 1 lakh, can be stretched to 1.2 or more if...
  2. S

    VU 43 inch TV Should i go for it??...Urgent

    Guys i saw this tv on flipkart (Buy Vu 43D6535 109 cm (43) LED TV Online with BBD Offers! at best Prices In India) and its being sold for 25k instead of 28.5K things which i noticed was they claim they have IPS A+ Grade panel( This is some actual term to grade panels or its just their unit...
  3. Ricky

    Server level internet connection choices ?

    Hi, I am wondering what options do we have if we need to host server in-house or our own premises. I know we can do with just any ISP with public static IP but I am looking for something reliable and business grade. I am looking to most cost-effective 10mbps to 100mbps connection. Do...
  4. S

    Homeschooling. ? ? ? ? ? ?

    I really wanna get home schooled, my parents and I have talked about it, and they wanted me to do research on it. but, my question is; who do you tell, ? how do you start home schooling? is there like a certin number you have to call, or website? by the way; i'm in 7th grade.. if I was gonna do...
  5. H

    AMD Radeon Graphics Presents: The Fixer With industry grade blur.
  6. A

    Hardware upgrade

    Well, i have the following config: OS:Win XP SP2 HDD:Seagate 160 GB RAM:1 GB Processor:intel pentium D CD drive:LG super multi DVD r/w motherboard:mercury PI945GZD I WANT TO UP GRADE MY PC please suggest some rigs . budget = rs 7000
  7. D

    Graphic card 5750/5770 similar

    hi i am looking for 5750 or 5770 grade card. If any1 selling,kindly lemme know.:-)
  8. staticsid

    Sound card needed

    I want to buy a sound card for getting the most out of my headphones. Just wanted to check with you guys if there is anything out there (in the consumer grade range) better than Xonar Essence STX. Would be great if you can suggest a few names.
  9. paroh

    Do a ping Test

    Do a ping Test from the below site and post ur results with ur ISP name ISP Mtnl Your Grade D Also see this pic which grade stands where
  10. Pragadheesh

    create list box in MS Excel

    hi, Consider i have a Coulmn, 'Grade' which can be A,B,C,D and F and list of students and other field. Now i need to create a list box for the grades. i.e if i select grade A from the list box only the students with grade A should be listed and if i select grade B from the list box only the...
  11. subratabera

    What's the meaning of Specialist in grade 'SP-1'

    Hello friends, Want to know something again and need your quick help and hope I will get my answer as always. Can anyone please tell me if one get a designation of Specialist in grade 'SP-1' (I think its for AIX based systems) in a company, what does it mean? Please help...
  12. N


    I am a 2nd year bca i got an oppurtunity to write a scolarship exam of BJS .according to its mark i may got the scolarship fee (grade a:40000,grade b:30000,grade c:20000).scolarship may also got according to my +2 mark.(80-100% belongsto grade a level,70-80 belongs to b level 50 -60...
  13. kerthivasan

    any Scientific VIDEO SITES?

    hi guys. can u tell me any sites were i can find scientific videos like i am now in my 12th grade also any sites that would be useful to me and the like.
  14. kerthivasan


    can u plz tell me what r rthe requirements to appear for microsoft certified engineer and mscprogrammer.(what r the things that i should study. i have a knowledge in html javascript ms offce(expect excel) and some basic knowledge in netwoking ) i am doing my 11 th grade.
  15. the deconstructionist

    PC upgrade... help needed

    My cousin has a compaq presario S4020IL with on board graphics and out dated mobo. He wants to change the cpu and keep the monitor and speakers to cut cost. The need for up grade is gaming. Can any body suggest a upgrade with in 12 k.
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